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    • Since its inception on January 1, 2020 I have a 37.35% winning batting average with 1582 profitable trades.

    Dear Fellow Trader,

    Let me repeat that number again, just to assure you it isn't a typo: 700%

    That’s the return that my trading algorithm has helped me generate since the beginning - and the gains just keep coming.

    If you’re active in the stock market, you know early this year was a time that will live in infamy…so you are probably asking yourself, how can these claims make sense?

    You probably remember the impact when the news of inflation started hitting home at the beginning of the year, and with Russian invading the Ukraine on February 24th outbreak spread throughout the country.
    The stock market began to swing wildly, posting terrifying drops and a few small historic rises along the way.

    And then, Fed Chairman Powell officially announced interest rate increases, and as the market started to crash.

    Headlines captured the reaction from traders across the country - and the world:

    Inflation Pandemic Panic!

    Nasdaq Markets Enters the Eye of the P/E Valuation - Coronavirus Storm

    Historic Cryptocurrency Market plunge: Traders describe a weekday that went from ‘uncertainty to pennies on the dollar panic’

    As a very active trader myself, you might be tempted to think that I would have bought into this panic and adjusted my trading strategy - maybe even abandoning it entirely as many traders have done.

    But I didn’t need to. In fact, I was excited.

    Putting my trading algorithm to the absolute test

    To be clear, I wasn’t excited to see the market tank. Many, many lives have been negatively affected by the crash COVID-19 pandemic.

    But as a trader, I putI was about to put my trading algorithm to the ultimate test. You see, it’s easy to make money in a bull market - and we were in a historic run.

    I spent years building a sophisticated, proprietary trading algorithm that would be immune from overall market performance.

    This crash was a chance to really see if it worked.

    And what happened? Since the beginning of 2020, my system has helped me identify 1861 trades.

    Of those 1861 trades that I traded, 1582 of them were profitable.

    That’s right: as of this writing, only three trades have lost money since the same time period beginning of last year. That’s a 85.01% win rate.

    Not only has my algorithm done well, it’s the reason for my historic almost perfect win rate.

    And here’s the best part: it only takes a few minutes per day for a trader to implement.

    For comparison, if you had invested in the S&P 500 since I've been trading with my AI-powered system, you would have made only 2%.

    Vlad Karpel, Founder and Chief Investment Officer

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m no trading "master" or "guru". But I have spent 20 years developing algorithms that dissect the market and pull out the best possible trade opportunities.

    In fact, I was a CTO for a company where I developed an elite stock and options platform for a company that was sold to Charles Schwab for $1 billion.

    I figured I had this trading thing down - not because I’m a brilliant market genius, but because my mathematical algorithms were spot-on.

    Truth is, they were… but I wasn’t.

    How even 9% of missed gains adds up quickly…

    My name is Vlad Karpel, and I developed this proprietary algorithm using artificial intelligence to power my trades.

    And while this system has beaten the market almost 34 times over, I still felt I could do better.

    When I release new trade alerts, I’ve already run it through algorithms and analysis to ensure that I am passing off the best possible trade to my subscribers.

    And while this AI-powered trading system is fast, there still is a period of time when I’m watching and analyzing the trade’s potential… but I haven’t bought it yet. 

    I call this period of time, The 9% Gap.

    As I work through the deep analysis on trading opportunities, I haven’t made any recommendations yet. Meanwhile, the opportunity is still there for the taking.

    It might be hours or even days before I release this trade recommendation to the Live Trading Room.

    Recently, I’ve tested out a new approach to my trades - one that gets me trading in these stocks before I release the alerts.

    The result? A 9 point increase in gains per trade.

    That might not sound like much, but it actually is more than you think...

    An extra $700,376 on a trading account with $100,000!

    What would you do with that much extra money in your bank account?

    Take that dream European vacation?

    Buy that car you always wanted?

    Get a boat and take it out on the waters?

    I’m doing this with my own money right now… 
    and I want you to join me

    Today, I want to show you how this AI-powered algorithm has continued to bank winning trade after winning trade, racking up an ROI of 700% with a trade profitability-rate of 85.01%.

    Then, I’ll show you how I’m closing The 9% Gap and nabbing as much as five figures extra into my bank account.

    Finally, you’ll learn how you can do this right alongside me.

    Triple-digit gains

    I put my trading algorithm to the test starting, January 2020.

    I let the algorithm do all the work: the analysis, the calculations, the recommendations.

    Since then, this trading system has been banking winner after winner. Almost 8 out 10 trades were profitable. Here are just a handful of the blockbuster trades my algorithm has made in the last 6 months alone:

    • 225.76% in 8 days trading DIA
    • 117.95% in 7 days trading VIX
    • 107.69% in 2 days trading SPY
    • 104.00% in 5 days trading BBT
    • 166.67% in one day trading WEC
    • 143.04% in one day trading MKC
    • A staggering 1,066.67% in only 4 days trading AVGO

    Of course, this is just a taste. In the years that I’ve been testing this trading algorithm, I wanted to see what a hypothetical portfolio would look like. So I crunched the numbers taking every one of my real-worl trades, and all of my live recommendations that I gave to my subscribers in the Live Trading Room and I did for the time period since January 2020 and calculated to see what a portfolio would look like. My AI-powered algorithm has helped me to bank winning trade after winning trade, racking up a win rate of 85.01%.

    And just in case you think I’m cherry-picking my trades…

    My win-rate is over 75%!
    (Since the meltdown, my win rate jumped to 85.01%!)

    That’s right.

    As of this writing, my win rate since 01/01/2020 is 85.01%.

    That means more than 1582 out of every 1861 trades I’m making with this algorithm has made money.

    See for yourself:

    You see, I created this algorithm to solve one of the biggest problems with trading: "high risk, high reward".

    It's a universally-accepted truth. If you tell someone you can generate triple-digit returns on the stock market, the first question they're going to ask is, "Sure, but how much money are you losing? What's the risk?"

    You don't have to trade big losses just to score big wins. That's why this algorithm is so powerful.

    Not only are you banking win after win through this system, but you're also mitigating your losses. You can trade with confidence knowing that you are using the exact same system that has been winning 85.01% of the time in both bull and bear markets.

    "I went to sleep and woke up with $1,200 profit.
    Happy, happy, happy!"

    Institutional investors have had access to sophisticated trading platforms and software for years. If investors wanted an algorithm-based, technologically powerful system to help them make trades, they had to pay upwards of $10,000 just to get access to it.

    I wanted this to be something different - something that the average trader could afford and put to work right away.

    And when traders just like you got their hands on it, well, I'll let them tell you:

    Woke up to $1,200…

    "I woke up to $1,200 profit. Happy, happy, happy!!! Thanks!"

    Christa F. (Member since 2017)
    I feel like the playing field has been leveled…

    "I just wanted to thank you for providing such an excellent service for retail traders like me. I feel like the playing field has been leveled. My trading has improved because your system helps me keep emotion out of the equation. Keep up the good work!"

    Vance L. (Member since 2015)
    My total profits now exceed $12K!

    "Vlad, Thank you for putting together such a terrific program! I've been trading for years and while I made money, I lost much more. My total profits since becoming a member now exceed 12K! Thanks again for changing my life!"

    Bill W. (Member since 2016)
    $59,000 in my account…

    "Hi Vlad, I just wanted to give you an idea of how successful your predictions are. I am only in stocks… with less than $30,000 back in March when I signed up. I am now holding $59,000 in my account. Keep up the great work!"

    Amos H. (Member since 2017)
    Never had these kinds of results before…

    "In the past month, we have taken 20 stocks that we follow on a daily basis to see how well your program works.

    Here are the following results:
    • Number stocks that triggered: 151
    • Number of stocks that were profitable: 143
    • Number losing stock trades: 8

    I want to thank you for this tool to trade with. I have traded since 1988 and never have I found an indicator (95%) that provides these kinds of results."

    Thomas C. (Member since 2016)

    These people are not following my recommendations because they think I have the "inside track" or that I am well-connected with Wall Street.

    They follow my picks and trade alerts because I have a proven track record of making money thanks to my trading algorithms.

    I've spent years making AI-powered trades
    - and cleaning up

    I've helped more than 300,000+ traders process tens of thousands of trades every day using the technology I created.

    When Charles Schwab saw what OptionExpress' trade management platform was doing for traders, they ponied up $1 billion for the company.

    The company's numbers caught their eye: 397,400 client accounts… $8.4 billion in client assets… 44,900 daily average revenue trades…

    All for somebody who never claimed to be a "stock expert".

    After the sale, I wasn't ready to quit yet.

    The most important reason you should listen to me

    I took everything that I learned developing the technology that powers Charles Schwab's Options Express, options trading software, combined it with 18+ years of groundbreaking tech experience, and went to work building a brand new platform.

    This time, however, I wasn't interested in building another platform to sell out… I wanted to see what I could do myself.

    This is the difference-maker.

    We've all come across a trading "expert" who has made lofty claims of big wins, only to subscribe to their services and see their track record has more losing trades than winning trades.

    Every week, he sends you some story hoping to hook you into a foolish trade by playing on your emotions. You get excited, and you don't even know why.

    You don't really have a clear reason for making the trade, other than this expert has "inside knowledge" of the industry.

    After a few weeks of being underwhelmed, you're right back where you started, except now you're out a few hundred dollars from the membership fees and some losing trades.

    That's the biggest problem with following a guru: you're simply taking their word for it. You don't know anything about the stock, really. You don't know why it's a good investment, or even if it is at all.

    That guru is just trying to make a sale…
    where is his money going?

    Do you know why that "expert" is hoping you'll take his word for it? Because he isn't recommending that pick because it's a good trade.

    Most of the gurus out there today are making picks based on story: if they can make it sound good, they know you'll buy.

    Meanwhile, his personal portfolio is loaded with picks you don't even know about.

    They're not even following their own advice.

    When I put together this system, I wanted to be in the fight with other investors. That's why I don't play on your emotions to sell newsletters - I put my money where my mouth is.

    Every trade recommendation that I make using this system - every trade you come across when you open your inbox or check your phone - is in my portfolio too.

    I'm investing right alongside you. That means I'm paying closer attention to each and every trade recommendation that I make - because my skin is in the game, too!

    And that extra attention is how I discovered The 9% Gap between a trade's profit potential and where we were getting in on these trades.

    Then, I figured out how to close it.

    Introducing Aggressive Power Trader - the trading system Wall Street doesn't want you to have.

    Having honed the algorithms and my own trading process, I wanted to put it all together into one powerful package designed to help average traders squeeze every last percentage point out of their trades.

    Meet Aggressive Power Trader.

    Despite the market being all over the place in recent months, this system was able to increase the winning percentage from 75% to 85.01%.

    While other investors scramble to cover their losses… my members were sitting back and enjoying the same level of security they already had.

    This is the type of trading system that institutional traders will pay through their noses for. They would want to keep it for themselves.

    They don't want you to have this power at your fingertips.

    But today, it's right in front of you.

    We've incorporated this system into an elite package of benefits that will empower you to make winning trade after winning trade…

    You risk nothing during your RISK-FREE trial.  You can use Aggressive Power Trader for the next 30 days.

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    You do not want to end up on my waiting list.*

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    Aggressive Power Trader

    As a trader who may be acquainted with our Yellow Tunnel investment services, you deserve special consideration.

    Accordingly, you are one of only a few investors for whom we have reserved a 30-day Guest Pass to our brand new Aggressive Power Trader.


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    • Based on past performance: at least seven of every ten of my trades are expected to be profitable
    • If you trade and follow along with me, Aggressive Power Trader should pay for itself!

    If you've already been down the "money manager" route, you already know that this kind of service usually runs in the $1,000s per month.

    If you act quickly enough you'll be among the first 50 to not only activate your reservation at a half-off discount for only $997, but also receive the July 4th additional $300 discount. That's only $697, our lowest rate ever offered. You’ll receive a total of $1,800 off the regular full annual rate.

    In addition to everything I mentioned above, here’s a brief outline of what you get with your subscribe-once, lifetime Aggressive Power Trader Membership.

    It’s almost like having a 24/7 live-in trader standing by and monitoring the markets:

    • Weekly participation in my Strategy Round Table where you will get live stock and option picks that you can profit with right away.
    • Participate in Live Trading Room every Monday and Wednesday
    • Roughly 10 trade recommendations per day - using the same algorithms delivering an average 37.35% per trade!
    • Weekly Market Plan videos to keep you on top of the latest news and developments on Wall Street
    • My Watch List Trades that we're watching closely, so we're ready to pull the trigger at the right time!
    • My Power Trading & Markets Weekly Newsletter - providing commentary on market events and trading education.
    • Trend Analysis Videos - This series of videos is a must watch before you make your next trade, I show you how to prepare your trading strategy for the next market move.
    • Trading Discipline Videos - To be a more disciplined trader you must first know what it takes to achieve the level of discipline needed to follow your trading plan, we will show you how to achieve it.
    • Access to my comprehensive training library - so you know why the algorithm is making its picks
    • And much more...

    There's no risk or obligation involved in acting now. You have a full 30 days to cancel your membership and receive a 100% refund guarantee.

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    Aggressive Power Trader is the ultra-high-tech, limited-access, secret weapon that’s been making fortunes for select, savvy investors.

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    And most importantly: this is the exact same system I am trading with every single day, plus:

    • We alert you on exactly what you need to do, how to do it and most importantly when to get out.

    Our incredible to date 700% record on risk taken is the result of a combination of algorithmic and fundamental analysis.

    Aggressive Power Trader is the only trading system you’ll ever need for timely buy/sell trading calls. Subscribe now for one year at the discounted rate and never pay an annual subscription fee again.

    Full 30-day guarantee: so if you are not completely satisfied, simply let us know within the first 30 days of your membership and we will promptly refund 100% of your subscription payment

    Again, this offer is only available until Midnight, so please act NOW before you miss out!

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    I have worked tirelessly to build a complete package for the average trader. I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

    After all, even if we built the perfect trading system, if it costs too much or involves too much risk on your part, you're going to hesitate.

    That's because there's no guarantee that it will be a good fit for you. We're all different, and you could just decide you don't like it.

    So not only have I dropped the lifetime subscription rate in half of the regular annual rate, I am also going to let you try it out without risking any of your money.

    Trade alongside me using the proven Aggressive Power Trader system for the first 30 days. Watch a few trades, make them, take full advantage of the fifty, sixty, or more trades that we're going to make.

    If you decide that you don't want to stick around and Aggressive Power Trader isn't for you… that's okay.

    Just give us a call and let us know you want to cancel your membership. No questions asked - we'll issue you a 100% refund.

    That annual 700% ROI number keeps climbing…

    As you've seen, we make dozens of stock and options trades every month, and we keep piling on more and more winners.

    That 700% number? It's going to keep rising - especially now that I have closed The 9% Gap, pumping thousands of dollars more into our bank accounts.

    It's your turn to join as a Lifetime Subscriber, What are you waiting for? Click the button below and lock in that discounted Lifetime Subscription, and get immediate access to the full power of Aggressive Power Trader and its winning algorithms.

    I'm already making my money with it. Join me.

    Vlad Karpel
    Founder and Chief Investment Officer

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