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    The 1% Secret

    You will never join the ranks of the wealthy elite by negotiating a pay raise. The truly successful do this instead…

    “If there is one lesson I think everyone should learn, it’s this one. Once you follow this rule, your success multiplies exponentially.” — Vlad Karpel

    Dear Valued Investor,

    Let me introduce you to the mastermind behind one of the most groundbreaking trading platforms of our time: Vlad Karpel. For over 18 years, Vlad worked tirelessly behind the scenes, orchestrating the success of a platform that eventually commanded a staggering $1 billion acquisition. Today, he steps out of the shadows, offering you an exclusive opportunity to tap into his revolutionary trading system.

    Now, you might not recognize the name Vlad Karpel, and that's intentional. Despite his pivotal role in facilitating hundreds of thousands of trades daily for over 300,000 traders, Vlad never sought the limelight of a market guru. Instead, his expertise lies in the formidable power of artificial intelligence.

    But why did a leading financial institution invest a billion dollars in a platform Vlad helped create? The answer is simple: Vlad's pioneering use of AI in trading was a game-changer.

    As Chief Technology Officer, Vlad was ahead of the curve in incorporating AI into trading long before others recognized its potential. His foresight and expertise have made him a sought-after figure in both fintech and AI circles.

    Driven by a singular vision, Vlad set out to democratize access to advanced trading technology. He wanted to empower individual investors with the same tools traditionally reserved for institutional giants.

    The result? A trading platform that leverages cutting-edge AI for market predictions and trade recommendations, delivering remarkable returns. With an unparalleled 855% in cumulative gains and an extraordinary 121.43% profit in a single day, Vlad's system has proven its worth.

    But this isn't just about profits; it's about leveling the playing field. Historically, such powerful tools were reserved for those with deep pockets, but Vlad is changing that. He's extending an invitation to you to experience his AI-powered trading system firsthand.

    Imagine identifying high-quality, high-return trading opportunities with just a few minutes of your time each week. With an impressive 84.54% success rate on trades, Vlad's system transforms how individual investors engage with the market.

    Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI-powered trading and redefine your investment journey? Vlad Karpel is ready to hand over the keys to the most advanced trading system available to the public.

    With just a few minutes a week, you can embark on a journey of consistent trading victories. Join us and revolutionize your trading experience.

    My “super-charged AI machine” is not a business

    This asset is not an app, like Facebook.

    It’s not a revolution in retail shopping, like Amazon.

    It’s not an overhaul of the way we live our lives, like Microsoft’s computer software.

    My super-charged AI machine is a stock trading algorithm.

    And just like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and any other revenue-generating asset, it helps me to multiply my investment returns without making me trade my hours for dollars.

    In fact, since January 1, 2020 to today, I’ve been able to show a return of 855%, on our collective trade recommendations.

    And today, I want you to use this super-charged AI machine yourself… so that you can use it to super-charge your trading.

    What is this worth to you?

    Imagine waking up in the morning excited for the day.

    You’re not heading down to the office.

    You’re not preparing yourself for manual labor.

    You’re not worrying about how to balance your budget.

    Instead, you’re simply walking over to your smartphone or laptop, clicking it open, and letting a super-charged AI trading machine help you find profitable trades for you.

    You set up your trade plan, place your trades, and sip your coffee.

    That’s it.

    Once you’re done, you close the laptop and grab the golf clubs, because you don’t have to spend a beautiful day cooped up inside staring at your computer.

    I’ve built that machine.

    It helps me to make money that demolishes the average salary raise while I can enjoy living the One Percent life with my family.

    Imagine waking up in the morning excited for the day.

    This is actually the second “super-charged AI machine” I’ve built.

    As former Head of Technology at OptionsXpress, I developed a powerful platform that helped option traders to make better trading decisions.

    It worked so well that the company was sold to Charles Schwab for $1 billion.

    That’s what this is worth.

    I’m not going to ask you to pay me $1 billion, of course.

    But after my experience there, I knew I had to build another one — one that could help other traders create their own money-making assets by piggybacking off of mine.

    I’m not selling this one away to the highest bidder.

    I want to help you and me make better trade decisions so we can both have a chance to go from a “have” to a “have-more”.

    Which side do you want to be on?

    There are two sides in this country: those who are building real, lasting wealth and those who sit around wishing for it.

    It’s really easy to get caught up with the “wishers”.

    They make jokes and memes about their lack of money.

    They entertain each other. And they sit around thinking the rich are “evil” people who “contribute nothing” and are “selfish”.

    Do you think Bill Gates is spending his time making memes?


    He’s busy enjoying his time as a wealthy One Percenter.

    Which side would you rather be on?

    Having an asset changes your life

    Do you think anyone would remember Elon Musk if he had stayed a janitor?

    Or Mark Cuban when he was selling garbage bags?

    Or Jeff Bezos when he was flipping burgers at McDonald’s?

    These people realized very quickly that they were not going to get where they wanted to go if they stayed in their little hourly jobs.

    They walked away and built real money-making machines.

    Now they are billionaires.

    They are rich because they took action to become rich. We sit around in our hourly jobs or our salaried positions and wonder why we can’t be as rich as them.

    Or we sulk in our golden years, wishing we had been able to retire with more money than we did.

    But you can still have an opportunity to take trading to a new level — and you don’t have to put in the work that they did anymore… because I’ve already done it for you.

    Today is your day to supercharge your trading

    Building this money-making asset has not just freed up my time.

    Yes, I’m free to pursue hobbies like playing online chess or shooting hoops with my buddies a few times a week.

    And yes, I can spend more time with my wife and kids - quality time that I can’t get back later…

    But it also lets me do more.

    Because this asset helps me to keep my riches, I am free to help other traders.

    And that’s what brings me here today.

    I didn’t want to sit here and just tell you about how great my life is.

    I want you to join me.

    And I’ve done all the work.

    So that I can help you

    This machine can be more powerful than
    any salary negotiation

    The current average salary raise in the United States is about 5% a year.4

    Let’s say you have a great job that pays well above the median income: $75,000 a year.

    That means a good negotiation would get you another $3,750 a year.

    Or $312.50 per month.

    And that’s with you working at least 40 hours per week.

    Let’s see what happened when using my machine instead.

    I started by back testing $100,000 from January 1, 2020 through today and it showed that the account could be worth over $855,047 since then.

    Our Live Trading Room Performance Details As of April 20, 2024

    Average Return Per Trade: 37.21%
    Winning Trades 1914
    Losing Trades 341
    Breakeven Trades 9
    Winning Trades Percentage 84.54%
    Backtest Initial Capital $100,000
    Backtest Final Capital
    (Trading 300 Shares of Stock or 3 Options Contracts Per Trade)
    Backtest Net Gain $855,047

    * Backtest Results assumes starting with a $100,000 trading account and trading each Tradespoon Live Trading Room Trade since January 2020 with 300 shares of stock or 3 options contracts per trade.
    * The performance data is for educational purposes only and the opinions expressed are those of the presenter only. All trades presented should be considered hypothetical and should not be expected to be replicated in a live trading account.

    You get the idea.

    This can be far more powerful than a salaried job.

    (And you can forget about that 40 hours a week you are tied to the work!)

    How do you do this? How can you get your hands on this asset?

    And how can you put it to work in your portfolio?

    There is only one step you need to take.

    Just listen to some of my most successful traders already using my system.

    Banking triple-digit gains

    You might assume that there are a few big winners here and there.


    Not only has this system helped me bank an incredibly consistent 84.54% win-rate*, the picks it makes are routinely hitting triple-digit gains on the risk taken.

    Here is just a handful of the picks this trading system has made since early 2020, even in the midst of current volatility:

    1. On March 14th, 84% in two days trading Exxon Mobil ($XOM)*
    2. On March 13th, 68% in one day trading Dollar Tree ($DLTR)*
    3. On March 12th, 108% in twenty eight days trading IShares Silver ETF ($SLV)*
    4. On March 12th, 67% in two days trading Oracle ($ORCL)*
    5. On March 7th, 80% in one day trading Qualcomm ($QCOM*)
    6. On March 7th, 130% in twenty two days trading IShares Silver ETF ($SLV)*
    7. On March 7th, 130% in three days trading Novo Nordisk ($NVO)*

    Across hundreds of trades in that time span, the average return per trade on all my cumulative trades is 33.52%!*

    It nearly sounds impossible to enjoy that level of success just due to a simple mathematical system while the market is going haywire. And yet, that’s exactly what happened.

    It is this exact system that I want to put into your hands today - because investors just like you are supercharging their trading duplicating my system already.

    Introducing Weekly Power Trader by YellowTunnel — The service designed for the aspiring independent investors.

    The gurus like to pack their advisories with tons of features to distract you from the fact that they aren’t making you much money.

    However, when I founded YellowTunnel, I had a different idea: put the focus on the trades. You’re not looking for a bunch of extra reports and information that you could easily Google. You want access:

    • Access to a sophisticated AI trading algorithm that takes fear out of your trades, even during this current market uncertainty
    • Access to a trading system with a consistent 84.54% win rate no matter what the market does
    • Access to a tool that can hand you gains on your risk capital of up to 287.10*% or more on a single trade
    • Unlimited access to daily LIVE training sessions, including videos and webinars designed to help you bank more gains and put this knowledge to work in your own trades. You can trade smarter with training that includes:
      • Technical stock analysis: Gain insights into the adaptive algorithms of our AI, tailored to pinpoint optimal trading signals for each stock, providing you with informed buy or sell recommendations
      • Macro analysis: Acquire a comprehensive understanding of how macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, inflation rates, and unemployment figures can influence market directions and investment decisions.
    • And most importantly: Access to a system that does all of this while handing you back your time — so you can spend it doing what you want to do instead of managing your portfolio constantly

    That’s why I developed Weekly Power Trader.

    With a membership to Weekly Power Trader, you get access to my proven, powerful, algorithmic trading system… a veritable money-making asset that you can put to work immediately to help build your wealth.

    This asset has helped me to continue to own multiple houses and to take trips around the world. And I’m letting you use it yourself.

    Every week, you get upto 10 trade recommendations in a mix of both stocks and options. Each step you need to take is laid out in detail, with the entry and exit strategies laid out before you.

    All you do is log into your dashboard, take those recommendations and make your picks, and then you are free to step away.

    While you’re spending time with your family… or watching TV… or getting in a quick nine holes… or traveling the world… or just preparing for another week, the Weekly Power Trader system is handing you those winning trades and pumping value into your portfolio.

    No more hours wasted watching the pundits argue on CNBC or Fox Business. No more expensive subscriptions to a bunch of other services run by “experts”. No more sweating over the doomsday headlines in the Business section.

    Just the right picks placed in your lap. Make the trades and move on, while your portfolio grows.

    You’ll get access to more than 300 trades per year. Make the ones you want, ignore the ones you don’t.

    The Weekly Power Trader algorithm is an improved version of an algorithm that banked an average gain of 37.21% per trade on our collective trade recommendations — that’s not cherry-picking the winners, either. That includes the losses.

    So, you’re probably assuming…

    How much does this trading system cost?

    One of the biggest reasons why these powerful money-making assets are only available to the rich is because if available, they usually come with a massive price tag.

    One of the more popular weekly options trader software subscriptions costs $1,500 a year — and they only offer six trades per month.

    And they are only options trades. And they can’t boast about having a historical 84.54%* win rate, either.

    Weekly Power Trader gives you access up to ten trades per week.

    And it won’t cost you $1,500.

    A full-price monthly membership to Weekly Power Trader is only $197 per quarter… but that’s not what you’ll pay.

    I don’t want you to have any excuses to miss this opportunity.

    This is a life-changing asset that you can use every week to supercharge your trading.

    So you aren’t going to pay the sticker price.

    Today, I want to offer you a huge discount that will make this opportunity a no-brainer for you.

    Your Weekly Power Trader Membership… More than 50% Off!

    When you sign up for a Weekly Power Trader Charter Membership today, you’ll get:

    • Full access to my Weekly Power Trader system
    • The algorithms that have helped me to show a historic 84.54% win rate
    • Up to ten weekly trade recommendations — including both stocks and options
    • Access to our Live trading room and trade alerts via SMS and web
    • Access to weekly training videos
    • Unlimited access to the training library of past session

    All of this can be locked in for a special Charter discounted rate of $97 per quarter - more than 50% off the price of a quarterly membership.

    You might be tempted to think that you’ll get a “limited” membership with a few sample trades, or that we don’t make that many trades in an average month.

    For just $97, you get three months of trades!

    After the first three months, the membership fee is just $147/quarter. But by then, you’ll hopefully have made so many winning trades that you won’t think twice about it.

    Best of all, you won’t have to risk a penny…

    Your membership is protected by our 30-day
    money-back guarantee

    I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

    After all, even if we built the perfect trading system, if it costs too much or involves too much risk on your part, you’re going to hesitate.

    That’s because there’s no guarantee that it will be a good fit for you. We’re all different, and you could just decide you don’t like it.

    So not only have I dropped the price to $97 for the first three months, I am also going to let you try it out without risking any of your money.

    Trade alongside me using the proven Weekly Power Trader system for the first 90 days. Watch a few trades, make them, take full advantage of the thirty, forty, or more trades that we’re going to make.

    If you decide that you don’t want to stick around and Weekly Power Trader isn’t for you… that’s okay.

    Just give us a call and let us know you want to cancel your membership. No questions asked — we’ll issue you a 100% refund.

    It’s your turn to join AI Revolution…

    As you’ve seen, we make dozens of trades every month, and we keep piling on more and more.

    My super-charged AI trading asset shows no sign of slowing down. That’s why I can continue to travel the world, visit exotic locations, bring my family along, and build memories to last a lifetime…

    Because like other One Percenters, I don’t punch a clock.

    It’s your turn to join us — and it’ll only cost you $97.

    What are you waiting for? Click the button below and lock in that discounted first month, and get immediate access to the full power of Weekly Power Trader and its winning algorithms.

    I’m already making my money with it.

    Join me.


    Vlad Karpel
    Founder and Chief Investment Officer

    P.S. Don’t miss another week of picks — now is the time to get started and lock in these gains for yourself. Just fill in the information below and start receiving these picks before you miss out!

    • Subscription: $484 $197 for three months ($287 off our regular price).
      As a Weekly Power Trader Subscriber, my subscription includes all the benefits described in the letter.

      In addition, unlock unparalleled trading opportunities with our Earnings Power Trader, featuring an exclusive Trading Room led by Vlad, a seasoned expert in stocks and options strategies. With a decade-long track record of success, boasting an impressive over 80% win rate, Vlad’s expertise offers a straightforward path to energizing your portfolio with high-yield income opportunities. Here's what you gain with our service:

      • Immediate Access to the Earnings Power Trader: Dive into the heart of the action in our Trading Room, or via SMS/Web, where Vlad shares his strategies on Earnings Power Trades.

      • Proven Success: Benefit from Vlad's extensive experience, which has consistently delivered success in over 84.54% of trades over the past 10 years. This proven track record underscores the effectiveness of our approach.

      • Timely Signals: Receive Earnings Power Trader signals (via SMS, Daily emails or Web) just 15 minutes after the market opens. Our strategy focuses on short-term gains, holding positions for merely 24 hours to capture immediate profits.

      • Frequent Opportunities: Expect around 10 trade ideas weekly, all grounded in the same proven algorithms and thorough research that have historically averaged a remarkable 84.54%+ success rate per trade.

      We normally charge $484 for these services. Your membership will automatically renew at 297$147 per three months , using the most recent credit card we have on file. (70% Off regular price)

    • Subscription: $197 $97 for three months ($100 off our regular price)
      My Weekly Power Trader subscription includes all the subscription benefits described in the letter. Your membership will automatically renew at 197$147 per three months using the most recent credit card we have on file. (25% Off regular price)

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