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    Vlad Karpel
    Founder &
    Chief Investment Officer

    The New Recession Market Phenomenon Is Hiding In Plain Sight

    25%... 45%... 64%... all overnight.

    All of these profits were banked for the exact same reason - and it happens during inflationary times with recession just a round the corner.
    It’s easier to find these trades than you think. And you can multiply them as much as 90 times over.
    Today, I’m going to show you how...


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    Dear Fellow Trader,

    Traders everywhere are scrambling. They are asking…

    How are you supposed to play all of this uncertainty?

    Can you make any kind of consistent gains when volatility is so high?

    Should you pull all your money out of the market until things calm down?

    It’s understandable. But what if there was another - much simpler - way?

    There is something of a market phenomenon that lights the fuse of certain stocks and sends them soaring.

    Average companies find themselves rewarding shareholders handsomely, with massive gains.

    Here are just a few recent examples of this phenomenon paying off:

    • PVPL: up 25%*
    • QCOM: up 45%1*
    • FCX: up *

    In each one of these cases, shareholders saw outsized gains compared to the rest of the market.

    What is this market phenomenon? It wasn’t luck that rewarded shareholders here.

    I don’t believe in luck

    As you already know, my brain is very analytical. That doesn’t mean my way of thinking is any better or worse than anyone else’s - it’s just different.

    When I look at a trade opportunity, I want the nuts and bolts. It doesn’t matter how I feel about a trade. It doesn’t matter if the market is going up or down because of a new headline. I only trade based on facts.

    That’s why my algorithm has worked so well over the years. Everyone makes lucky trades from time to time. But to build a sustainable stream of income, you need to have concrete knowledge that you’re making the right moves.

    That, however, involved predicting the future. And to a degree, that’s impossible.

    But it happens all the time

    I’m sure there were traders who held onto those above stocks because of a gut feeling. More of them, though, made the correct prediction that the stock was going to soar on those dates.

    That’s right: this subset of traders practically predicted the future!

    Before you think I’m making this up, let me be clear: there is no crystal ball here.

    Predicting the future can’t be done, especially when it comes to the stock market. But if you want to take advantage of this phenomenon, you don’t need to actually predict the future.

    You just have to learn from the past… and pay attention.

    This phenomenon occurs 4 times a year, like clockwork

    Every year, I mark down four different sets of dates on my calendar.

    I’m not talking about somebody’s birthdays, or an anniversary of some kind. I’m talking about earnings seasons.

    Before you click away, please let me be clear: it sounds dry, but using earnings seasons to your advantage can lead to incredible successes.

    It’s like the changing of the seasons 4 times per year: something you know you can expect to happen.

    It’s the same cycle, over and over again: rumors start building around a company in the run-up to earnings season, shareholders rush in, stocks go up, and shareholders cash out.

    Because these traders knew the past, they knew what to look for in the present. They saw the signs, bought in, and made their money on the backbone of strong earnings reports.

    Why do you even need this?

    A recent poll showed that the average stock trader’s biggest frustration is when a company goes sideways and the stock price suffers. Shareholders lose their money, so they sell their shirts and move on.

    But what if you knew?

    What if you could pull up your calendar and circle the dates yourself? “These are the dates where stocks should go up.”

    You’d kill for that, wouldn’t you? You’re tired. You’re tired of gambling with your money. You’re tired of constantly losing more than you’re winning.

    If that sounds like you, listen up.

    Earnings seasons breed confidence.

    When markets are confident, good things usually happen. Opportunities spring up. Shares of many companies are expected to rise when earnings reports come out - provided, of course, that those earnings reports are positive.

    I make hundreds of trades per year. But the time I start snatching up the most trades is around earnings season.

    As I scour reports, I start making up to ten trades per week just on the foundation of earnings season.

    And I have confidence in every one of those trades because they are backed by my proprietary trading algorithm and the strong earnings reports.

    Isn’t that what you want? Confidence in your trades founded in real news and data?

    It’s time to stop gambling your savings away. Let’s find a smarter approach.

    Let me show you how I use earnings seasons…

    Suppose we’re about to hit earnings season, and the rumors are starting to come out.

    I’ll use a real example from my own portfolio: TSM

    During the last earnings season, this headline came across my desk.

    Microchip Cycle Out-of-Balance

    This excited me. It sounded like TSM was going to be a great investment. But headlines like these don’t always pan out. And I would be buying based on emotion - how it “felt”.

    So instead of jumping all over this stock, I ran it through my proprietary algorithm.

    The system told me this would be a high-percentage chance of a profitable trade.

    RESULT: 32.89% profit*

    Notice that I didn’t have to predict anything.

    Nor was I blindly gambling. After all, my algorithm boasts a 84.54% success rate on all trades.

    When I made this trade, I knew it had a high chance of being profitable. And that’s why I made it.

    The combination of my proprietary algorithm and the earnings season had paid off handsomely for me.

    This could be you: 88.57% in one day

    Imagine opening up your email on a Sunday and seeing ten different ticker symbols waiting for you.

    All of them were vetted by my algorithm.

    All of them rumored to be ready to issue solid earnings reports.

    All of them with a high probability of being a winning trade.

    These are ticker symbols that have been vetted and cleared. All they need is someone to buy them.

    And here’s where it gets even easier for you: that email with the ticker symbols? It’s packed with so much more.

    Order types. Entry prices. Target exit prices. Everything you need to make an informed decision about your money.

    Plus, you’ll see my real-time portfolio, which shows you what positions I’m personally taking with these stocks.

    All of it is carefully vetted and prepared by my proprietary trading algorithm, which has delivered trades just like this consistently:

    • AMZN: +88.57%*
    • AMAT: +80.95%*
    • PNC: +57.04%*

    No more gambling. No unnecessary risks. No need to “predict” anything, or even try.

    My algorithm does the heavy lifting - and with its proven 84.54% win rate, it’s all you need.

    What about the rest of the year?

    At first, you might be tempted to think that I’m saying only earnings seasons are profitable with this strategy.

    But actually, there are still opportunities throughout the year.

    Yes, most companies issue their earnings reports during the traditional earnings seasons. Yet many are providing these reports during “non-earnings” seasons.

    In other words, as long as you stay on top of these reports, you can find trade opportunities all year long.

    Now, I might back off a bit - I usually only make around five trades per week during non-earnings seasons.

    But the opportunities don’t stop at the end of earnings season. My algorithm still hunts down the best potential stocks, and I can back those picks with strong earnings reports throughout the year.

    There’s one more piece to this puzzle. This is how we take these high-probability trades and maximize the profits we can get out of each of them.

    Turning a tiny gain into a windfall 90x as profitable...

    If all we did was buy stocks before positive earnings reports and sell them once the reports come out and the price goes up, we could do reasonably well.

    However, I’m looking to maximize the profit potential that we can generate from these times of the year.

    And that’s why I am also trading options on these stocks.

    With options contracts, you are able to collect bonus profits on shares of a stock. Even tiny swings in a stock price can lead to incredible results.

    How big of a bonus? You might be shocked.

    Let’s take a look at one example of an options contract that multiplied the returns for a trade that I made.

    Usually, during the Earnings Season, I trade shares of Micron (MU).

    Estimated move analysis showed up to 5% move in the underlying stock..

    But because I traded options on the stock rather than just buying up the shares outright, I managed to bank a +59.16% gain instead!*

    Now do you see the power in options?

    Combine this profit multiplying power with my proprietary algorithm and the boost from earnings seasons and you have a recipe for a powerful, consistent trading strategy.

    And the best part is: you can do it in any market condition. That’s good because…

    The market is going to be volatile for a while

    The current year, understandably, a very volatile year for the markets.

    Supply chain issues, Putin invasion of Ukraine, COVID, a hint of recession... sent society into a tailspin, and many companies saw share prices crash, and some saw them bounce back as well.

    Volatility was a very big concern for a lot of traders.

    Now, look at what 2024 is bringing us:

    • Continued uncertainty about effects of COVID mutuations
    • Inflation...with recessionary expectations
    • Cryptocurrency crash
    • Changes to Federal interest rates
    • A history of market volatility following a volatile year - in other words, volatility tends to continue into the next year

    With so much uncertainty in the air, you need every available protection for your portfolio.

    That’s why this strategy works: no matter what the market does, there will be companies reporting earnings. Shareholders will still be benefiting from those earnings reports.

    And options can still multiply those earnings.

    Bull markets. Bear markets. Volatile markets. Steady markets. Inflation, Recession... It doesn’t matter - this strategy works.

    But you don’t have to try to cobble it together on your own. I’m going to hand it to you.

    Introducing Earnings Power Trader

    Earnings Power Trader is a brand-new service that combines the power of all of these trading principles and strategies into a single, data-backed approach to trading.

    Here is how members can trade with Earnings Power Trader:

    • In the run-up to earnings seasons, my proprietary algorithm scans the markets for the best possible trading opportunities.
    • Then, those opportunities are checked against a list of which companies are expected to release earnings reports soon.
    • Using my software, I determine which orders and positions to take, with specific entry and exit prices for each trade.
    • During earnings seasons, I compile up to 10 trades with this information and send them to you on Sunday in a special email alert (or SMS, if you’d prefer).
    • If you’d like to join me, you can take up these positions just like I will be with my own money.
    • During non-earnings seasons, you can expect to receive up to 5 trades per week using the exact same strategy.

    But that is not all! You will have access to all my other goodies…

    However, when I founded YellowTunnel, I had a different idea: put the focus on the trades.

    You’re not looking for a bunch of extra reports and information that you could easily Google. You want:

    • Access to a sophisticated trading algorithm that takes the fear out of your trades, even during this current market uncertainty
    • Access to a trading system with a consistent 84.54% win rate no matter what the market does
    • Access to a tool that can hand you gains on your risk capital of up to 283.33% on a single trade
    • Access to real-time trading SMS alerts so you can time your trades right alongside me
    • Access to Live Trading Room so you can see my trades right when i do them
    • Access to the exact trades I am making - with detailed buy/sell signals
    • Unlimited access to weekly training sessions, including videos and webinars designed to help you bank more gains and put this knowledge to work in your own trades. You can trade smarter with training that includes:
      • Technical stock analysis: Learn how to predict the future direction of stocks to maximize your gains
      • Fundamental stock analysis: Make financial forecasts using the historical and current performance of a company - so you know which are the winning trades and why
    • And most importantly: Access to a system that does all of this while handing you back your time - so you can spend it doing what you want to do instead of managing your portfolio constantly

    There is more…

    It’s almost like having a 24/7 live-in trader standing by and monitoring the markets:

    • Weekly Market Plan videos to keep you on top of the latest news and developments on Wall Street
    • My Power Trading & Markets Weekly Newsletter - providing commentary on market events and trading education.
    • Trend Analysis Videos - This series of videos is a must-watch before you make your next trade, I show you how to prepare your trading strategy for the next market move.
    • Trading Discipline Videos - To be a more disciplined trader you must first know what it takes to achieve the level of discipline needed to follow your trading plan, we will show you how to achieve it.

    That’s not all, either.

    Watch me make these trades in real-time with my own money

    As you may already know, one of my least favorite trends in the finance world is this group of gurus that dispense advice that they don’t follow.

    They tell you to buy a stock, then they go off and do something else. These gurus don’t even have faith in their own trading strategies.

    It’s infuriating.

    But as with any of my other services, I am making these Earnings Power Trader trades with my own money.

    You don’t just get the alerts when I choose them. You also will have full access to my live portfolio in real-time.

    That means you can see exactly when I place these trades and how I set them up. I won’t be in or out of any positions without you knowing about it.

    And again, it’s with my own money. I always put my money where my mouth is. If I think a trade is good enough for you, then it’s good enough for me.

    How much is Earnings Power Trader?

    Earnings Power Trader is an elite service that will be delivering hundreds of trade recommendations to you throughout the year, providing an unparalleled opportunity to trade alongside me with trades backed by proven analysis and strategy.

    Together, we will see the rumblings of earnings reports and buy on the best opportunities. We’ll sell on the news of the earnings reports and, if all goes according to plan, walk away with big profits.

    An annual membership to Earnings Power Trader is $3,000. But you’re not going to pay that today.

    Because I want as many of you as possible to join me in taking full advantage of these high-profit seasons, I’m temporarily cutting the price of Earnings Power Trader not to the usual discounted price of $287 per quarter. But you’ll also receive an additional $150 off. That means that your first quarter membership fee is only $137. Also if you become a Charter Member now, you’ll also receive three additional months at no charge. That means you will get the first 6 months for the price of three(an additional $287 savings).

    Let’s put that into perspective: if you only had $200 to invest and you made the last 3 trades (as of this writing) that my algorithm has picked out and reinvested the gains each time, your membership would pay for itself.

    This is not a “fee”. It’s an investment. And while I can’t guarantee it will return that quickly, there is one guarantee I can offer…


    Take an additional $150.OO discount off the initial discounted membership fee (plus three free months of service) and you’ll not be billed again till May 2024 at the regular low quarterly rate.

    Take a full month to decide for yourself…

    There is no trading service out there that is a perfect fit for every trader.

    I can’t guarantee that Earnings Power Trader will be right for you. That’s why I also want to give you 30 days to decide.

    If you sign up for a discounted membership today, you can take the first 30 days to decide for yourself whether or not it will fit your trading plan.

    Decide that it’s not for you? No problem - just contact us within those first 30 days and we’ll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

    You don’t have to risk a dime.

    Earnings season is coming…

    When you combine the coming earnings seasons with my proven algorithm, you can multiply potential profits by as much as 90x over.

    But you have to take action.

    Don’t wait any longer. Lock in a huge discount on Earnings Power Trader and join me while I take full advantage of earnings seasons to strap a rocket to my portfolio.

    I’ll see you there.


    Vlad Karpel Signature
    Vlad Karpel
    Founder and Chief Investment Officer

    P.S. As an American citizen born in Ukraine, I am driven to help the unfortunate people in Ukraine to survive. I will donate 5% of the subscription fee to, a not-for-profit organization that directly helps Ukrainian families.

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