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    Inflation + Volatility + Earnings = Opportunity!

    Vlad Karpel, Founder & Chief Investment Officer

    Your Exclusive Invitation to Earnings Season Success with AI Trading

    Most active stock traders know that we’re living in times of wild market swings, rampant inflation, and volatile earnings season.

    The new normal? Global uncertainty.

    But all the volatility doesn't need to end in huge losses or blowing up your account.

    In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a predictable way to navigate today’s unpredictable trading environment - without all the risk.

    But first, a reality check…

    In today’s turbulent market landscape,
    there will be winners and losers.

    The winners will be traders with the right strategies, guidance, and tools.

    With the right elements in place, these savvy traders will have the power to turn uncertainty into golden opportunities that yield juicy profits!

    On the other hand, traders who are reactive, fail to adapt, and lack the right strategies and tools will be left to the mercy of the market's whims.

    The best traders don't just survive market chaos; they thrive in it. And so can you!

    But, here’s the thing…

    To cash in on the big profits, you need to get in BEFORE the next earnings season.

    Keep reading to see how you can be ready in time…

    How savvy traders navigate market chaos and
    achieve explosive trading performance.

    Now, let’s talk about that predictable path to growing your trading account while minimizing risk.

    Imagine having a simple tool that could guide you in making trades at the right time for solid gains, month after month, regardless of market conditions.

    And what if that same tool could help you bank gains like clockwork as if you were collecting extra paychecks regularly?

    Start banking profits like clockwork using my 12-Month Income Calendar and market-tested trading algorithm!

    Here’s the thing: While my 12-month income calendar serves as a roadmap to potentially lucrative stocks, you still need a way to strategically find and target high-potential trading opportunities while keeping risk in check.

    That’s why I developed a robust trading algorithm to help you do exactly that!

    How my proprietary AI-powered algorithm helps you
    identify and execute more profitable trades.

    And it works for you 24/7… even while you sleep!

    Identifies Trading Opportunities:   My AI-powered algorithm tirelessly scans real-time and historical data, picking out prime trading opportunities. This data includes price changes, volume changes, earnings reports, economic indicators, implied & historical volatility, and other key data using neural networks and finite state machines.

    Formulates Strategies:  Based on the selected indicators, the “algo” formulates a trading strategy, usually involving buying a stock when specific conditions are met and exiting the position when other conditions are met. In addition, the algorithm uses stocks to hedge positions and sees iron condors which help traders to profit in sideways markets with low volatility.

    Manages Risk:  My trading algorithm also helps you manage risk. For example, you'll get built-in automatic stop-loss orders and profit-taking strategies.

    Backtests for Reliability:  The algorithm automatically backtests a stock’s historical data and evaluates its performance. Each strategy is rigorously tested on past data to ensure its effectiveness.

    Optimizes Trading Strategies:  The algorithm is continually optimized based on performance and market conditions.

    Live Trading and Evaluation:  I use the same robust algorithm to grow my stock portfolio and identify the trades I recommend to clients. As a data scientist and highly experienced trader, I continuously evaluate the algorithm’s performance and make necessary adjustments based on my evaluations.

    The best part?It works 24/7 - even while you sleep!

    The next critical earnings date is coming soon!
    Are you ready?

    With my system, you don’t need to stress about market sentiment or world chaos.

    My 12-Month Income Calendar and proprietary trading algorithm will empower you to survive and thrive… even in the current economic climate!

    Starting today, you can say “goodbye” to all the guesswork and unwelcome surprises that come with being a self-directed trader.

    Everything is on the calendar for you to see ahead of time. It’s like a crystal ball for stock traders :)

    Combined with my AI-driven trading algorithm, the calendar helps you lock in profitable and, sometimes, explosive trades! Especially during earnings seasons.

    Look at these recent earnings season results:

    • ALK: 127.50% in 12 days
    • MSFT: 85.53% in 2 days
    • FCX: 69.53% in 1 day
    • MRK: 100.00% in 2 days
    • AAPL: 64.29% in 2 weeks

    The cool thing is that you don’t need to be a Wall Street wizard or tech genius to rack up predictable gains while everyone else is reacting to the gloomy headlines.

    Simply mirror my trades and increase your chances of making more winning trades while managing risk.

    But, here’s the thing…

    To cash in on the big profits, you need to get in BEFORE the next earnings season.

    You might be wondering…

    How can I be sure
    the next earnings season will be worth it?

    Here’s why…

    Big wins happen over and over again!

    For example, during a few weeks at another time of the year, the calendar and the algorithm helped me reel in a string of high-profit trades!

    Just a few examples:

    • NVDA: 46.67% in one day
    • AMAT: 53.61% in one day
    • CRWD: 23.75% in one day
    • DIS: 64.17% in one day

    Impressive, right?

    The 12-Month Income Calendar, backed by algorithmic intelligence and years of trading experience, will be Your Secret Weapon, helping you to profit from the chaos and uncertainty, reaping returns as high as 855%* or more.

    At this point, you may be asking…

    Does it work during earnings seasons only?

    That’s a common question.

    Don’t worry; my powerful system identifies lucrative trading opportunities throughout the year, even during "non-earnings" seasons.

    Most companies release earnings reports during the traditional earnings season, yet many provide reports for stockholders during “non-earnings” seasons.

    That means you can take advantage of trading opportunities all year long if you can anticipate these “off-season” reports.

    And with my 12-Month Monthly Income Calendar, you’ll know precisely when those reports will be released… months in advance!

    But knowing the dates is only HALF the equation.

    That’s why Earnings Power Trader (EPT) combines the monthly calendar with my AI-powered algorithm to hunt down high-potential stocks backed by solid annual earnings reports.

    Several off-season wins:

    • AAPL: 34.69%% in 1 day
    • MSFT: 26.14% in 1 day
    • HAL: 21.79% in 4 days
    • JPM: 25.98% in 5 days
    • TSM: 23.75% in one day

    See how fast those trades delivered? And all in the same month!

    Sometimes, I’m still amazed at how fast my algorithm picks great trades!

    Your key to consistent income - from anywhere!

    The EPT system is super simple and designed for self-directed traders wanting to generate a part-time or full-time income trading stocks from home or anywhere else in the world.

    That’s right! With this system, you can make money from home, your office, or while soaking up the sun beside the pool or beach.

    All you need is a device with internet access, like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and you can start racking up gains!

    Follow the calendar and mirror my trades. And if you want, you can watch as I trade in real-time with my own money.

    I believe in complete transparency. Unlike many so-called “stock trading experts,” I put my money where my mouth is.

    The proof is in the profits…
    1914 winning trades since Jan. 2020

    As I said before, I use the EPT system daily and use my own money for each recommended trade. I always have skin in the game!

    That means when I win, YOU WIN!

    From January 2020 to today, my system has pinpointed 2264 trades. Of those, 1914 were winners. That’s an 84.54% win rate!

    Imagine this scenario…

    If you had started with $100,000 in January 2020 and mirrored all the trades I recommended, you would have added $855,047 in profits to your trading account.

    Yes, you can do this!

    Let me make this crystal clear…

    Anyone with a trading account with a few thousand dollars can leverage EPT to score more winning trades every month!

    Bull markets. Bear markets. Volatile markets. Steady markets. It doesn’t matter; you can still use my system to rack up small, medium, and large gains!

    Best of all, you won’t be alone. I’ll guide you every step of the way!

    Join me in the trading room and watch what I do. You can mirror my trades or make your own moves, whichever you prefer.

    Our Live Trading Room Performance Details As of April 20, 2024

    Average Return Per Trade: 37.21%
    Winning Trades 1914
    Losing Trades 341
    Breakeven Trades 9
    Winning Trades Percentage 84.54%
    Backtest Initial Capital $100,000
    Backtest Final Capital
    (Trading 300 Shares of Stock or 3 Options Contracts Per Trade)
    Backtest Net Gain $855,047

    * Backtest Results assumes starting with a $100,000 trading account and trading each Tradespoon Live Trading Room Trade since January 2020 with 300 shares of stock or 3 options contracts per trade.
    * The performance data is for educational purposes only and the opinions expressed are those of the presenter only. All trades presented should be considered hypothetical and should not be expected to be replicated in a live trading account.

    Since January 2020, my AI-powered Earnings Power Trader (EPT) system has executed 2264 trades with an impressive 84.54%* win rate. If you'd started with $100,000 and followed my recommendations, you'd be sitting on $955,047 today.

    Here's the best part…

    You don’t have to be a trading expert. With EPT, you can score consistent wins, whether the market is up or down, volatile or steady.

    The EPT system is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. My algorithm scans the markets for prime trading opportunities and builds a curated watchlist I release to members every Sunday. These picks are checked against a list of companies that are expected to release earnings reports soon.

    2. During earnings seasons, I send up to 5 trades with specific entry and exit points directly to your email inbox. Or via SMS, if you prefer. Using the same strategy, I'll send you up to 5 weekly trades during non-earnings seasons using the same strategy.

    3. Twice a week, join our live trading sessions to deepen your trading knowledge and optimize your performance.

    And don't worry about staying glued to your screen. EPT does the heavy lifting, leaving you to execute trades in just a few minutes a day.

    How To Get My 12-Month Monthly Income Calendar Free

    Now, for the really good news…

    When you join today, you’ll get full access to our powerful Earnings Power Trader system at a fraction of the cost.

    And as a special incentive, I’m giving you an extra $200.00 OFF the already discounted membership.

    Just remember. This opportunity is about much more than the Monthly Income Calendar, which I'm going to give you just for trying this service.

    It’s about much more than that!


    When you join today, you’ll become an official member of the Earnings Power Trader service and its fast-growing community of like-minded traders.

    With your membership, you’ll receive a carefully curated watchlist every Sunday. This watchlist reveals specific entry and exit prices for every trade I recommend.


    You’ll also have access to live trading sessions and a wealth of educational videos that will supercharge your trading success and profits!


    Why choose Earnings Power Trader?

    Let’s face it: there are lots of trading services, but not all are created equal.

    Here’s why Earnings Power Trader is the hands-down best choice:

    • AI-Powered Profits: My algorithm scans the market for you 24/7, taking the guesswork out of trading. It’s even working while you sleep.
    • Expert Advice & Guidance: I trade with you with my money, providing real-time access to my live portfolio. When I win, you win!
    • Predictable Trading Schedule: The "12-Month Income Calendar" helps you plan trades in advance, maximizing your gains.
    • Profit From Market Uncertainty: Now, you can profit from any market conditions, from bull to bear to volatile, and you’ll have lots of opportunities.
    • Proven Track Record: Since January 2020, we've posted an 84.54% win rate. Starting with $100,000, you would have netted $855,047(hypothetically.)
    • Year-Round Opportunities: While especially effective during earnings seasons, EPT works for you all year long.
    • Live Trading Sessions: You’ll have exclusive access to live trading sessions,
      real-time portfolio views, and daily videos. You can also join me and the other members in our vibrant Discord Community to talk strategy.

    So how much is Earnings Power Trader?

    Usually, an annual membership to EPT costs $1188.

    But, because I want you to start profiting from the next earnings season, I’m temporarily reducing the price to a special discounted rate of only $97 for the first three months.

    And if you love it, continue at $147 per three months.

    That’s more than 75% OFF the regular price when you start today!

    That’s a fantastic deal!

    So, don’t delay! The next earnings season is just around the corner.

    Lock in your special rate now, and start trading smarter with Earnings Power Trader.

    You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose!

    Remember, our 100% Money-back Guarantee protects you for the first 30 days of your membership.

    Test drive Earnings Power Trader for a month… risk-free!

    If you’re not delighted with your EPT membership, request a refund and keep the 12-Month Income Calendar for FREE - just for trying it!

    So, hurry and claim your 75% discount today!

    Join me and other like-minded traders as we tap into a goldmine of high-profit opportunities during the next earnings seasons.

    See you on the inside,

    Vlad Karpel

    Founder & Chief Investment Officer

    • Subscription: $597$197 for three months ($400 off our regular price).
      As an Earnings Power Trader Subscriber, my subscription includes all the benefits described in the letter.

      In addition you will have access to the Aggressive Power Trader with its exclusive Trading Room where Vlad trades Earnings and Aggressive Power Trader signals. Vlad has been making income on earnings and aggressive power trades for the past 10 years and has been successful over 80% of the time. This is a no brainer to jump start your account with some solid high yield income plays. Earnings trades happen right at the close. Agressive Power Trader signals happen 15 min after market is open. We hold positions for only 24 hours and pick the gains up right off the floor. This deal also expires when you leave this page... we normally charge $597 for these services. Your membership will automatically renew at $147 per three months , using the most recent credit card we have on file.

    • Subscription: $297 $97 for three months ($200 off our regular price)
      My subscription includes all the subscription benefits described in the letter. Your membership will automatically renew at $147 per three months using the most recent credit card we have on file.

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