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    “I want to share how firing my “silent partners” resulted in a huge increase in my trading returns of 1,371%!”

    Vlad Karpel
    Founder &
    Chief Investment Officer

    Dear Tradespoon Subscriber

    Forgive me for tooting my own horn. But I have a good reason for pointing out that our proprietary patent pending trade alert and stock trend forecasting system has a 75% accuracy rate and to date my returns are over 1,371%!


    No way! How could that possibly be?

    Hey! You’d think as the brains behind those algorithms I’d be way out in front, right?

    Well, my slump was nothing major, but it was enough to get my attention.

    I’m talking, of course, about my personal account, not the money we use to validate our Tradespoon track record.

    So, I knew the problem was not with the system, it had to be me.

    What’s that cliché about a surgeon should never operate on a family member?

    That’s why, if I may, I’d like to share an enlightening personal story.

    It took me years to “get this” but in the next few minutes you can discover how to adopt the same, advanced, multi-pronged approach to managing personal trading habits that resulted in an amazing 9 percentage point increase in my personal trading returns.

    That’s an average 9 point total increase per all trades made, winners and losers!

    To put that in perspective, on a $100,000 account, 9 percent is $9,000. But, remember that’s per trade and if you trade a minimum of 12 times a year, that’s $108,000 MORE profit. Or, if you traded 36 times a year (just 3 times a month) that’s. . .

    A difference in EXTRA profit of $324,000 above the $1,371,581 Net Gain .

    It’s not easy to swallow my pride and admit how much I was missing in unrealized profits.

    With my own personal account – not the one we use for official tracking-- I had to discover why. . .

    • I was sometimes late buying and missed optimal profits. . .
    • I often hung on too long instead of selling at the very top. . .
    • I sat out tempting trades that turned into huge winners. . .
    • I was thinking too much when I should have been acting. . .
    • I was failing to keep up with and apply our newest systems. . .

    Bear in mind that as the founder of Tradespoon, I have a very high bar and what I consider disappointing may well be de rigueur for others. I was still doing well, but, as the brains behind those incredibly accurate algorithms, it bothered the heck out of me that, with my own money, I was not quite keeping up.

    In fact, over the course of a year of trading, that 9 points of unrealized profits were significant!$324,000 more significant.

    And, I’ll tell you what. . .I was getting a lot of flak from that gang of silent partners that hangs out in my head. They were thoroughly obnoxious when I was trying to fall asleep.

    The problem was not my trading system, it was me!

    How in the world could I possibly be screwing up the simple executions and not even noticing it?  

    Good question.  And the better question is, could you too be unknowingly guilty of doing the same thing?

    I’m talking about what went  on in my head after reviewing a Tradespoon signal, before I pulled the trigger.

    I’m talking about the conversations you too undoubtedly have with yourself and probably with that committee that hangs out between your ears.

    This is about shining some light on the hidden reason I (and probably YOU as well) sometimes hesitate and miss out . . . hold when I should have sold. . .or take a pass when it would have been great to have jumped in.

    You may be surprised.  I was. But I am also gratified at the resulting 9 point increase in return per trade from what I learned.

    Think about it:

    How much additional income would an EXTRA 9 points per trade mean to you?

    Remember on a trade of $10,000, 9 percent is $900 extra.   If you trade a minimum of just 12 times a year, that’s $10,800 MORE profit.  On a more realistic 36 TRADES a year, that works out to $32,400 MORE PROFIT.  

    Okay, here’s my story:

    It didn’t happen overnight. . .but here, much to my astonishment and chagrin, is what I eventually came to realize and the secret to that 9 point increase that I want to pass along to you now:

    Most of my unrealized extra earnings resulted from defensive, fearful thinking!

    You’re thinking. . .Fearful?  Really? Come on!”  That sounds like pseudo-intellectual nonsense.  

    Surely not the guru behind Tradespoon? 

    I would never have imagined it possible before something very personal and painful happened to open my eyes and change my mind.

    Life’s what happens while
    you’re making other plans.

    I’ll spare you the details, but the condensed version is that someone very close to me became very ill.  It was the worst kind of slow painful, determined illness that played cruelly with my hopes and fears.

    That’s all I am going to say about it.  But, if you’ve ever watched helplessly as a loved one suffered, you understand.

    Now, listen, I consider myself a pretty tough guy.  And I took pride in the fact that no one knew of the personal pain and suffering caused by my loved one’s illness.

    I went to work and kept regular hours and even my closest associates had no idea.  On the surface I was preforming just fine.  I certainly saw no connection between my emotions and my trading results.

    Ah. . .but my wife knew differently!

    And it is to her that I am thankful for discovering a whole new and incredible level of introspection and self-awareness that has made a world of difference – 9 point per trade overall improvement -- in my trading.

    There are things that are not learned in business school or even with years and years of actual trading experience about the subtle, usually unrecognized emotions that can and often do play critical and often irrational roles in your trading.

    In the face of much protesting on my part. . . along with all the complaining. . .and defensive arguing. . .I agreed - finally - to see a psychologist.  No, not just any psychologist but a trading-psychologist!  

    If you watch the TV show Billions, picture Wendy Rhoads, the in-house psychologist who helped Axe Capital’s hot shot traders add hundreds and hundreds of millions to their coffers.

    I remember thinking at the time. . .“This is a total waste of time and money.  I am in total control of my emotions.  I totally trust and believe in my Tradespoon system and I never ever let my feelings influence my trading. “


    As I was to discover, 

    I was leaving 9 percent on the table every time I made a trade.

    I don’t have to tell you how fast that adds up over time.

    And here’s the key to what I want to pass along:

    On my own, I could never have realized the impact of my feelings upon my thinking and my trading actions.

    Self-examination hadn’t worked or my returns would have been 9 points better.

    Life is strange.

    I initially agreed to talk with someone because of a personal tragedy and ended up with a far greater benefit.

    It was only through ongoing interactive dialog and one-on-one back and forth with a . . .

    • PhD psychologist who also happened to be an expert in this niche, and an experienced, exceedingly successful active trader himself. . .
    • Together with regular honest and open sharing and comparing of tips and actual trading activity feedback with a peer group of five carefully vetted platinum-level traders. . . 

    . . .that I began to understand how my emotions – frustration. . . greed. . . anger. . . nerves. . .personal emotional pain . . .and yes, even unrecognized fear – influenced my trading behavior and impeded my ability to take optimal action.

    I’m talking about how I personally reacted to those Tradespoon signals.

    It’s not easy to swallow my pride and admit that I wasn’t taking full advantage of what my own system offers.

    I learned that emotions, including subconscious emotions, act as a filter on our perception of the market.  In fact, the majority of our mental processes are outside our awareness – they are very much subject to our subconscious. 

    And, any trader who is repeating mal-adaptive behavior patterns will continue to struggle until he understands the subconscious motivations that underlie his decisions and ability to pull the trigger. 

    It is emotion and ego that can keep us from seeking out, listening to and accepting the suggestions and observations of peer traders who may just have had a similar experience.

    Logic may drive your thinking, but it’s emotion, including subconscious emotion, that actually dictates your actions.  And optimal profit is a result of optimal action.

    You needn’t suffer a personal tragedy to experience a similar epiphany

    The name of the gentleman who helped me learn all this is Doctor Andrew Menaker.  As fate would have it, he has years and years of experience coaching and working with already-successful big-dollar traders like you and me.

    I want you to meet him!


    Because again, I want you to get the best possible gains from my Tradespoon system.  And it was only after working with Dr. Menaker that my . . .

    Return on all my Tradespoon trades –winners and losers – jumped by an astonishing 9 percentage points per trade!

    And YES!  I give Dr. Menaker ’s coaching and action-methods complete credit. 

    This is about you doing it too.  I want to make sure you too are getting the maximum benefit from my system.

    We’re all human and we all have emotions.  We’re all vulnerable to self-deception or believing our own BS.  And believe it or not, we all have primal wiring that works subconsciously to resist contradictory outside help.

    We all have stuff going on in our lives that can and does play games with our thinking.

    Doctor Menaker and the fellow traders in my peer circle, called me on my own BS.  

    Together, we all removed our blinders and took a fearless inventory of our personal trading habits, the individual way in which we react or not, to a signal and the hidden emotions that may distort our perception of a certain situation.

    I’m telling you, I started this journey because of pain associated with my loved one’s illness, but I ended up in a most unexpected and far better place.  Not just emotionally, but monetarily as well.

    I’m sure you can do the math.

    What would a 9 point bump in your earnings per trade mean to your bottom line?

    Would you like to find out?

    Perhaps you can.  

    That’s what this is about:

    As the result of my personal experience with Dr. Menaker, I have been fortunate enough to persuade him to join me in the offering. . .

    • a series of sophisticated, advanced-level intensive, peer-group trader experiences
    • for a very limited number – just 6 or 8 individuals per group 
    • pre-qualified members of my Tradespoon family.

    We’re calling it the Vlad’s Platinum Trading Circle.

    Participation in one of these on-going, advanced-level trading groups, self-revelation trading programs will be limited to just six to eight highly qualified, pre-vetted, already-successful, very active traders per group with the experience and track record that establishes them as your peers.

    We’ll do our best to match you up with other highly successful men and or women, active traders of the sort with whom you might normally want to meet now and then for a drink, or with whom you might text on a regular basis, but can't because you may be on different parts of this planet.

    The goal is a close knit, intimate group of veteran traders of similar experience, goals and net worth with whom you and either I or Dr. Menaker will meet via online interactive meeting, through Skype or a Whatsapp group chat, on a regular basis to . . . 

    • share trading strategies…
    • compare outcomes and experiences. . .
    • air and discuss the market and specific trade concerns. . . 
    • uncover and release personal roadblocks. . . 
    • help each other sharpen reaction time and eliminate hesitation . . .
    • improve trading discipline and trading psychology.
    • learning how deal with trading adversity
    • reduce second-guessing yourself (hesitation to pull that trigger)
    • discover new trading techniques
    • have an in-depth discussion with Dr. Menaker and me about trade opportunities

    Master your emotions, share your thinking and increase your ROI and success rate!

    No offense, but this kind of advanced-level work is not for everyone, not even all of my own subscribers.  You must have the experience and willingness to understand and benefit from the personal experiences of others, the humility to be open to new ideas and the openness to share your own tips, observations, and experiences.

    This is almost like an online match making service, but in our case the benefit is to make you an intimate part of  a trusted, peer-level trading circle that will help you make more money and reduce self-inflicted stress.

    This process won’t happen overnight. It will take a few weeks for everyone to get acquainted, to appreciate each other’s history and point of view and to develop mutual trust and respect.  Dr. Menaker and I know how to make that happen.

    The goal is a tight-knit band of traders who know each other well enough to be able to say. . .

    ”Hey. . .what made you react like that?”

    I will be intimately involved in all this and I too expect to increase my own already-hyped performance rate by another few percentage points.

    Obviously, the task of identifying just six to eight other traders of exceptional character, similar skill levels, experience, and general market knowledge is formidable,

    If you are a trader who instantly grasps the benefit of being part of a close-knit confidential and intimate circle of “platinum-level” traders and you believe you may qualify, we invite you to establish your credentials by talking with one of our trading concierge .

    Here’s an example of how Vlad’s Platinum Trading Circle works and the benefits you can expect and how it can have a tremendous improvement on trading returns:

    Let me walk you through a learning experience that came as a result of working with experienced traders and with Dr. Menaker ’s trading group.

    I had shared how I’d spent weeks using Tradespoon proprietary algorithms to monitor a promising developing trade.

    When the right signal finally appeared, I was prepared, confident, and ready to put real money on the line.  I made the trade in what I thought was a timely fashion. . . but oops I took an immediate loss.  Three others in the group assured me they’d done it too

    So no big deal, right?  We all knew that successful traders win some but that losing is just a part of the game. 

    But, as I learned as we kicked the details of the trade around. I see now, that did not honestly self-access how that loss would have a subtle effect on my next opportunity?

    Well, as often happens to us all, my next trade also proved to be a dud.

    That one hurt a little more because I stopped out early, and, it would have hit my profit target if I weren’t stopped out.  Bummer, right?  

    Seemingly undeterred, I waited — I thought calmly — and started to look for the next perfect signal.

    This one looked a little more riskier but I loved the profit potential.  So, I smiled, took a deep convincing breath and pulled the trigger.

    As I told everyone, it was doing well!  I felt great, and so I boldly moved my stop to break-even.

    Then, boom. For whatever reason, the market tanked and blew right through my stop, handing me a large loss.

    I was not conscious of it, but even my iron-fast confidence had begun to waver!

    So, what was the prudent thing to do?  You got it. No one else in my group did this, but I decided to just sit out the next trade.  And of course, it proved to be a big winner!

    BAM! Another hit and I was in free fall.

    So, finally. I began to appreciate what Dr. Menaker and my fellow attendees could see what I could not.  Thanks to their objective perspective I was finally able to realize. . .

    My unconscious emotions were ruling my trading.

    And here again is the point of all this:

    I could never have seen this on my own.  Self-examination didn’t work or I’d have never made that 9 point improvement on my $1,371%.

    It was only through interactive dialog with my group and one-on-one back and forth with Doctor Menaker an active very successful trader himself, and the others in my peer group that I began to understand that the things I silently say or think to myself during my trading, that puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on me.

    You needn’t be in emotional distress to benefit from this.

    Sharing your thoughts and your perceptions with your cohorts, comparing notes and discussing a course of action can make a remarkable difference in your results and in your life. 

    Here’s how it will work

    Due to high demand and the recognition of his global thought leadership in this area, much of Dr.Menaker ’s coaching is done remotely, using Skype video or other services like Go-To-Meeting or Whatsapp group chat.

    As Dr. Menaker explained to me. . . 

    “True long-lasting change only occurs when we acknowledge and understand how we feel, adapt our thinking, and change how we ‘do’ things. The ‘doing’ part may seem like the hardest, but in practice it comes fairly naturally when we first learn about our emotions and our thought patterns and create an internal structure for behaving differently. 

    “The road to becoming a more disciplined or better trader requires a focus on all three areas: emotions, thinking, and behavior. As a trading performance coach, (Dr. Menaker)  will help you to focus on all three areas and coaches you in ways to develop your own mental edge.”

    Here’s just a glimpse of the kind of practical trading help topics you can expect:

    • How to spot the “Warning Signs”  your peers will tell you when you are being too critical on yourself.   
    • How talking with other trusted traders will help you deal with self-criticism and stop you from deviating from your trading plan.
    •  Focus on the process of trading, not individual outcomes.  Emotional awareness is a skill.
    • Labeling negative feelings not avoiding them ruining your trades, increase the probability that you will choose an action that is in your best interest.
    • Expand self and emotional trading awareness; identify your defense mechanisms and how they affect your returns, alter your behavioral response to market uncertainty, risk and opportunity.
    •  Don’t make decisions when you are in a red zone.
    • Control your actions not emotions by recognizing the emotions you’re experiencing.

    If you don’t acknowledge the underlying dynamics of your actions, you’re more likely to keep repeating the same mistakes.

     URGENT:  Space is severely limited. Initiate your strictly CONFIDENTIAL call with one of our trading concirge right now - XXX-XXX-XXXX.

    In order to best match you with 6 or 8 of your peers, we need to understand more about you and your trading habits, your goals and your MO.


    Knowing in more detail what kind of trader you are allows us to screen your goals, habits and interests against the anticipated flood of hundreds of expected, interested Tradespoon subscribers.

    Be assured your information will be encrypted and as hack-proof as it’s possible to be.

    Step one in our processing/vetting protocol is a 30-minute one-on-one personal call with our .

    You can begin by having our concierge call you by clicking on the link below to provide you more information about your ‘interview and evaluation’ $199 fee or call them directly XXX-XXX-XXXX directly. 

    We would like to know more about your trading experience, get an understanding of your needs and how we may help you to become a more profitable trader. It is all-confidential.

    Your Vlad’s Platinum Trading Circle Charter Membership… Half-Off!

    When you sign up for a Vlad’s Platinum Trading Circle Charter Membership today, you'll get:

    • Monthly participation in my Live Trading Room where you will get live stock picks that you can profit with right away.
    • Weekly live interactive peer group discussion and trade strategy session
    • Weekly Market Plan videos
    • Access to Yellow Tunnel’s training library

    And best of all, you won't have to risk a penny…

    Your Charter Membership is protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee

    My team at Yellow Tunnel has worked hard to make Vlad’s Platinum Trading Circlethe most complete, most powerful, and most accessible peer mentor group.

    But of course, there's no guarantee that it will be a good fit for you. Every trader is different, and you may decide that you want to go a different route.

    We understand this, and that's why I want you to try it out first.

    Trade with me and your peers live.

    Try out Vlad’s Platinum Trading Circle. Enjoy the interactivity and comradery with your peers, trade ideas and techniques.

    But if you decide, for whatever reason, to change your mind about your Platinum Trading Circle membership, just give us a call and let us know that you want to cancel your membership.

    If you do that within the first 30 days, we'll send you a 100% refund - no questions asked.

    If you're ready to enjoy the freedom that comes from this Vlad’s Platinum Trading Circle , and want to lock in a 50% discount on your annual Charter Membership, just fill in the information below to get started. We are anxious to talk with you.

    Step two, you and I will then set up a time for us to chat

    Then, you and I will then set up a time for us to chat.

    Our private, confidential, half-hour one-on-one will, help me establish which Platinum Circle group will be the most compatible given your goals, level of experience and general approach to how you use my Tradespoon alerts.

    I want to get a personal feel for what kind of trader you really are in order to assure a good mix of like-minded traders who employ our Tradespoon alerts in different ways.  I’m searching for a handful of sophisticated serious traders who have the experience and opinions to bring something to the party. 

    But before you or I make a final decision, I want you to try us out for 60 days for a blow out discounted TRAIL offer.

    Get full access to Platinum Circle for 60 days at a discounted price of $197.

    During your trial run you will have full access to everything Vlad’s Trading Circle has to offer.

    • Peer group strategy session and stock picks
    • Live Trading Room Participation
    • My and Dr. Menaker’s webinars
    • Weekly Videos and Blogs


    Please understand that this is a demanding and time-consuming undertaking on my part and frankly the $197 fee is a measure of your commitment.  You’ve got to want to do this! And bear in mind what the dollar value of an extra 9 percentage points per trade on top of a 1,371% ROI would mean to you

    And please remember that if you do not make the initial cut it is because participation is strictly limited to  six to eight peer-level traders for each group, and that the number of participants groups must necessarily be limited.

    You should also be aware that the cost for this type of peer group access and mentorship would normally command an annual fee of $10,000. But for my 60-day trail members , I am discounting the Vlad’s Platinum Trading Cicle to $1,997 for the first year. That’s over $8,000 off the regular price. But to really understand what it’s about and how the $197 trial offer ‘interview and evaluation’ fee can help start to bring you returns of over 1,371%, please call XXX-XXX-XXX or fill out the information requested below.

    Remember That Your Charter Membership is protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee

    If you have ever been a part of any professional coaching, you understand that this is a reasonable fee considering your participation also includes

    • 12 monthly 3-4 hour live group sessions with either me or with Dr. Menaker, plus five to seven peer traders at your level.
    • Monthly 1-hour live trading sessions to go over tools and signals, strategies that work or not.
    • Regular live  exchange of trade ideas, signals, trading plans, strategies, personal insights, stock, alternative asset classes as a benefit of the circle.
    • One live strategy meeting a month where we pick the best trade of the month. 

    Confidential interviews scheduled strictly in the order in which received, so if you are interested and believe you may qualify, I urge you to click on the link below, fill in the form information below.

    Remember, the bottom line is that true long-lasting change in your trading techniques only occurs when you address how you feel, how you think, and how you actually ‘do’. 

    As Dr Menaker helped me discover that feelings, thinking, and  timing all influence each other to create the desired results. Acknowledging that simple fact and learning to adjust your trading habits accordingly could give you the same 9 point improvement I experienced in my average per-trade return.

    Vlad's Platinum Circle is not meant to be a substitute for one on one coaching with Dr. Andrew Menaker

    You too can improve your performance by understanding and changing how you respond to uncertainty, risk, and opportunity!

    Personal Call 'Interview and Evaluation' Request

     YES Vlad, please call me ASAP!

    I want you to have a realistic understanding of my personal goals, level of experience and trading habits, so that you can decide on which of your Vlad'sPlatinum Trading Circle groups I might be the most compatible.

    Please call or email me to set up a half-hour or more one-on-one confidential ‘interview and evaluation’ with you to get your personal take on my investment history, my portfolio, my methods and execution habits.

    I understand how few Platinum Trading Circle memberships actually exist and that my interest will be considered on a first-come first-served basis.

    Please fill in the information requested below…

    I agree to the Yellow Tunnel’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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