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    Vlad Karpel
    Founder &
    Chief Investment Officer

    This juiced-up algorithm boasts a 84.30%+ success rate They call it
    "Schwab on Steroids”

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    My name is Vlad Karpel.

    Years ago, I was the Head of Technology of a company building AI-powered trading software… and the software company received an amazing billion-dollar buyout offer.

    And, I wasn’t even done yet with the AI trading algorithm.

    It’s not that anything was broken or missing… I just wanted it to do even more.

    Charles Schwab didn’t need any more. They ponied up a billion dollars (literally) for the company and integrated its software into their OptionsXpress trading platform.

    I personally helped create the tools, screeners, and the AI program to make stock selection a simple — and effective — process for any trader.

    I knew this software could do more, but at that point, it was out of my hands.

    Schwab is a broker, not an advisor. They needed software to help traders make decisions.

    I wanted the software to make the decision for me.

    So I went back to work… and I built a “Schwab on Steroids”.

    Taking my AI to the next level

    Over the next 18 years, I’ve rebuilt my algorithm from scratch.

    Improving it.

    Making it stronger - even during inflationary and uncertain times.

    And adding the one feature I always wanted to include: trade recommendations.

    Now, this “algorithm on steroids” doesn’t just help me choose stocks…it actually picks the stocks for me, provides the parameters that help me set up the trades, and notifies me when to buy and when to sell.

    It’s now a complete package — and I want you to take advantage of it.

    There’s no work on your part. No tools to manage, no scans to run.

    I steer the ship. I run the scans. I hand the trades to you on a silver platter.

    And how well does this work? Check this out…

    It’s now a complete package — and I want you to take advantage of it.

    This “performance enhancing” approach to trading has led me to a 84.30%+ success rate, from January 1, 2020 to Today

    Machine learning and algorithms have become powerful tools on Wall Street today. One study suggests nearly ¾ of all trading in the United States is algorithmic.

    So why isn’t everybody rich? Wouldn’t every customer who used my algorithm be raking in the dough automatically?

    Not quite.

    Because the algorithm is only half the recipe.

    I already know that — and that’s why my trades have a 84.30%+ success rate.

    My name is Vlad Karpel.

    I’m not some silver spoon, trust fund kid who rode Daddy’s inside connections to Wall Street success.

    I built these tools myself — by creating my own trading algorithms.

    But the key that helps make my algorithm outperform everyone else is… me.

    You see, real trading success comes from marrying the human and the machine components together.

    How a human touch has helped to double initial investment…

    Too many traders look at the algorithm debate and think it’s an either/or situation.

    Either you use machines or you pick the trades yourself.

    That’s a foolish way of looking at trading.

    I prefer to look at my algorithms as cruise control on my car: it will get me there, but I still have to steer it.

    And this works: since 2020, I’ve more than doubled the money in my backtested portfolio:

    I don’t tell you this to brag.

    I'm telling you this because I want you to join me in the car.

    You just have to sit in the passenger seat and you can go in the same direction I’m going.

    I’ll drive…

    Why you should “juice up” your trades to begin with

    It might be easy for us to understand why a robot can flip burgers or even deliver packages to your door.

    But trading?!

    Trading requires judgment. It requires analysis. And it requires learning.

    Surely a machine can’t trade better than an experienced trading expert, can it?

    Well, remember: ¾ of the market is driven by algorithms.

    Wall Street is a lot of things - but “stupid” isn’t one of them.

    As it turns out, a machine can judge a trade independently. And it can react far faster than even the most seasoned trader.

    All it takes is nanoseconds for an AI-driven trader to learn and self-correct.

    That’s why billion-dollar hedge funds are using AI generated formulas to eliminate risk and maximize profits.

    Others are moving in the same direction.

    Trading requires judgment. It requires analysis. And it requires learning.

    There are even new funds and startups that are allowing AI to even perform all trades without any human interaction.

    You can dip your toe in almost any broker and find an AI-powered portfolio option, like E-Trade Adaptive Portfolio… Fidelity Go… and TD Ameritrade Essential Portfolios.

    Every major player on Wall Street is using AI.

    And why not? AI takes the human element out of trading.

    No emotions. No panic. Just a clear game plan executed flawlessly.

    If you want even a chance to compete… or even just to bank profits of your own on anything resembling a consistent basis… you need to leverage AI to do it.

    But there’s a catch…

    Why you can’t just go to one of the big players?

    At this point in the conversation, you might be tempted to back out of this presentation and open up E-Trade. They must be great, being a household name, right?

    Well, not quite.

    As it turns out, most AI-driven portfolios available to mainstream traders are focused on ETFs and funds — NOT individual trades.

    And as you know, funds tend to move a lot slower.

    So while the trades might be more disciplined than what you are used to, it will take years before you can really rake in any significant profits.

    My new algorithm? It can sniff out individual stocks and trades that not only leveraging the AI's power, but also empower you to juice up your portfolio.

    Most trades are in and out in a few days — not months.

    Faster profits powered by artificial intelligence? Now we’re talking!

    My algorithm has something that puts it ahead of the pack. Something that takes it from a powerful tool to an indispensable one.

    And why is it not just another tool like Schwab… but “Schwab on Steroids”.

    …it’s because of me.

    I guide the algorithm — providing the best of both worlds

    Algorithmic trading still needs the human touch.

    With a live trader guiding the way, you can feel safe using this tool because there is flexibility to recognize problems and shift gears.

    Or focus on the right parts of the market.

    Yes, AI can “outthink” me when analyzing speed and volume.

    But I can aim it at the right sectors, thanks to powerful predictive tools that I’ve used for years… tools I built, of course.

    This way, I can feed my algorithm the market’s best profit opportunities for analysis.

    Because of this extra layer of technology, I am free to set ambitious investment goals… and I crush them while raking in a 84.30%+ win rate.

    What is this worth to you?

    Think about it: all the heavy lifting is done.

    You don’t have to monitor headlines.

    You don’t have to react to news reports.

    Instead, you’re simply walking over to your laptop, flipping it open, and letting a machine find trades for you.

    You set up your trade plan, place your trades, and sip your coffee.

    That’s it.

    Once you’re done, you close the laptop and grab the golf clubs, because you don’t have to spend a beautiful day cooped up inside staring at your computer.

    Oh, and you’re “juicing up” your trading more than you ever did before.

    This is what happens when you put your trades on “steroids”.

    And remember: that machine that helps you pick trades for you. It has a 84.30%+ win rate.

    Think of what you’re going to do with that extra time.

    This is what I do with it…

    Think of what you’re going to do with that extra time.

    Let’s look at a real example of what it’s like to trade with this machine…

    In 2024: I beat the market 8 times over

    2024 is a rather volatile year in the stock market.

    The algorithm I built, however, has helped me pour an insane amount of money into my bank account.

    You see, this asset that I built with my own years of expertise in technology and stock trading allows me to pinpoint the trades with the highest potential for profit in the market.

    In 2024 - as the market remains volatile - I followed this algorithm and closed the majority of the trades successfully.

    Per trade that’s nearly 8 times* better than the market.

    And just in case you think I’m cherry-picking, let’s take a look at the track record since January, 2020.

    Our Live Trading Room Performance Details As of May 27, 2024

    Average Return Per Trade: 37.13%
    Winning Trades 1944
    Losing Trades 353
    Breakeven Trades 9
    Winning Trades Percentage 84.30%
    Backtest Initial Capital $100,000
    Backtest Final Capital
    (Trading 300 Shares of Stock or 3 Options Contracts Per Trade)
    Backtest Net Gain $865,736

    * Backtest Results assumes starting with a $100,000 trading account and trading each Tradespoon Live Trading Room Trade since January 2020 with 300 shares of stock or 3 options contracts per trade.
    * The performance data is for educational purposes only and the opinions expressed are those of the presenter only. All trades presented should be considered hypothetical and should not be expected to be replicated in a live trading account.

    How would you feel if you could stack win after win this easily?

    Today, I want you to use this machine yourself… so that you can join me in the leisurely life.

    Thanks to this machine, I am a “One Percenter”

    My name is Vlad Karpel, and I am part of a very exclusive club in this world.

    You can call it what you want.

    The “wealthy elite”.

    The “One Percent”.

    The “Haves” (as opposed to the “Have-Nots”).

    I have a net worth and lifestyle many only dream about.

    I take my family on luxurious vacations to remote places, living in exclusive quarters with high price tags.

    My point in telling you this is not to brag.

    I am not trying to earn your respect, nor am I trying to impress you.

    It’s because I want you to join me.

    Becoming a “One-Percenter” does not require industry connections… inheritances… or cheating the innocent out of their money.

    You just need the right tools.

    You can do everything right, but if you don’t use the right tools, you’ll never reach the lofty goals of success that you’ve placed on yourself.

    You’ll never be able to buy huge houses, like the ones I have for my family.

    “Schwab on Steroids” can help you juice up your portfolio

    Building this powerful algorithm has not just freed up my time.

    Yes, I’m free to pursue hobbies like playing online chess or shooting hoops with my buddies a few times a week.

    And yes, I can spend more time with my wife and kids — quality time that I can’t get back later…

    But it also lets me do more.

    Because this asset gives me freedom, I am free to help other traders to pursue their dreams.

    And that’s what brings me here today.

    I didn’t want to sit here and just tell you about how great my life is or how smart I am for creating this tool.

    I want you to join me.

    And I’ve done all the work for you.

    Let me help you “juice” your trades with Profit Accelerator Trader.

    How Profit Accelerator Trader marries the machine with the expert trader

    Profit Accelerator Trader is a trading service completely centered around this “Schwab on Steroids” trading strategy. For 15 years, I’ve been developing, fine-tuning, and testing this algorithm (and this strategy) to create a powerful piece of technology that can accurately help select stocks with the highest chance of a winning trade.

    With sophisticated algorithms, predictive analytics, and vast computational power, Profit Accelerator Trader can pinpoint undervalued stocks that are then ranked by the probability of a rise in value.

    This algorithm doesn’t stop there, either. It also factors in:

    • Long-run earnings per share growth
    • Vector
    • Stock Volatility
    • Beta
    • Correlation between indices and the stock
    • …and more!
    Profit Accelerator Trader can pinpoint undervalued stocks that are then ranked by the probability of a rise in value.

    Then, I personally complete the technical and fundamental analysis of the stocks that are ranked by the algorithm.

    Need that in simpler terms? This machine analyzes thousands of terabytes of information about the markets and spits out a ranking of high-probability trades.

    Then, I use my decades of trading experience to select the trades to recommend.

    That’s how I got to a 84.30%+ win rate.*

    Just listen to what some of our traders already say about what they have been able to accomplish thanks to this machine

    Profit Accelerator Trader is putting time - and profits -into traders’ hands. Of course past performance is not indicative of future results.

    You can join us.

    James has used my algorithms to grow his daughter’s trust account +93% and +24%…

    Ritchie paid for his membership on the very first day.

    And Jonathan turned $10,000 into $25,000 in just 2 days.

    These traders are bulking up their portfolios, thanks to Profit Accelerator Trader.

    Introducing Profit Accelerator Trader by YellowTunnel — Juicing up your portfolio with “Schwab on Steroids”

    The gurus like to pack their advisories with tons of features to distract you from the fact that they aren’t making you much money.

    However, when I founded YellowTunnel, I had a different idea: put the focus on the trades.

    You’re not looking for a bunch of extra reports and information that you could easily Google. You want:

    • Access to a sophisticated trading algorithm that gives you the power to make winning trades repeatedly, regardless of the state of the market
    • Access to a trading system with a consistent 84.30%+ win rate*
    • Unlimited access to monthly training resources, including videos and newsletter updates designed to help you bank more gains and put this knowledge to work in your own trades
    • And most importantly: Access to a system that does all of this while handing you back your time — so you can spend it doing what you want to do instead of managing your portfolio constantly

    That’s why I developed Profit Accelerator Trader.

    With a membership to Profit Accelerator Trader, you get access to my proven, powerful, algorithmic trading system… an asset that you can put to work immediately to juice up your trading.

    This powerful tool has helped me to become a more profitable trader and has given me the freedom to own multiple homes and to take trips around the world.

    And I’m letting you use it yourself.

    Every month, you get 4 trade recommendations. Each step you need to take is laid out in detail, with the entry and exit strategies laid out before you.

    All you do is log into your dashboard, take those recommendations and make your picks, and then you are free to step away.

    While you’re spending time with your family… or watching TV… or getting in a quick nine holes… or traveling the world… or just preparing for another week, the Profit Accelerator Trader system is handing you those winning trades and pumping value into your portfolio.

    No more hours wasted watching the pundits argue on CNBC or Fox Business. No more expensive subscriptions to a bunch of other services run by so-called “experts”. No more sweating over the doomsday headlines in the Business section.

    Just the right picks placed in your lap. Make the trades and move on.

    You’ll get access to nearly 50 trades per year. Make the ones you want, and ignore the ones you don’t.

    The Profit Accelerator Trader algorithm is an improved version of an algorithm that helped me turn a $100,000 account* into $865,736. That includes the losses.

    What would you do with that extra money — now that you have all this extra time?

    So, you’re probably assuming…

    How much does this trading system cost?

    Normally, such a powerful trading tool would come with a massive price tag.

    One of the more popular trading software subscriptions costs $1,500 a year.

    And they can’t boast a 84.30%* win rate, either.

    Profit Accelerator Trader gives you access to that win rate.

    And it won’t cost you $1,500.

    A full-price membership to Profit Accelerator Trader is only $394/six months… but that’s not what you’ll pay.

    I don’t want you to have any excuses to miss this opportunity.

    This is a life-changing asset that you can use every week to juice up your trading.

    So you aren’t going to pay the sticker price.

    Today, I want to offer you a huge Charter Member Discount that will make this opportunity a no-brainer for you.

    Your Profit Accelerator Trader Membership… Half Off!

    When you sign up for a Profit Accelerator Trader Charter Membership today, you’ll get:

    • Full access to my Profit Accelerator Trader system
    • The algorithms that power a 84.30% win rate on your trades
    • Four to Eight monthly trade recommendations using stocks
    • Portfolio hedges using QQQ and SPY options
    • Access to real-time trading SMS alerts so you can time your trades right alongside me
    • Access to our complete knowledge database
    • Unlimited access to the training library of past sessions
    • And most importantly: Access to a system that does all of this while handing you back your time - so you can spend it doing what you want to do instead of managing your portfolio constantly

    All of this can be locked in for an extra special Charter trial discounted rate of $97 for the first three months. Your membership will automatically renew thereafter at $197/six months. That’s half-off the regular price and your membership is protected by a 30-day cancellation 100% money-back guarantee.

    And that’s not all you’re going to get, either…

    Charter Members receive THREE bonus reports on AI trading

    Lock in your membership today, and you’ll get all of these bonus reports focused on how algorithms like Profit Accelerator Trader can help you zero in on the best trades in today’s hottest markets…

    • AI Identifies 3 Inflation Beating Blue Chips Set To Double In 6 Months Or Less. If you think big-name stocks are already too large to rapidly double, you’ll want to read, and perhaps act on, this surprising report.
    • AI Names The 5 Best Bio-Tech Startups. From a spit test for cancer to a shot that helps your body re-grow nerves along your spinal cord, these new advances in the world of medicine blur the line between biology and technology—to help restore, improve and extend our lives. And they are an investor’s dream!
    • AI Names 5 High Yield Dividend Stocks To Double Or Triple Your Monthly Income. With interest rates not equal to today’s inflation rate, high-yielding stocks can be welcome trades for income-starved investors. In this FREE special report, you’ll find details on great stocks with high yields and reliable dividends.

    That is a lot of value for just $97 during these uncertain times.

    Even with all this value, are you still hesitant to click that “buy” button?

    Two reasons you can trust Profit Accelerator Trader

    We stand by our platform and proprietary technology. In fact, we are so confident you’ll love it, we offer a 30-Day Guarantee. If you decide to cancel within your first 30 days (for any reason), we will refund your entire payment.

    Try all of the robust features and tools on for size. If it’s not what you imagined — or if you don’t think it’s “your cup of tea” — simply let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll refund every penny.

    No hassle… no hard feelings. We’re that sure you’ll love it.

    But that’s not all…

    There are so many gurus and trading “experts” who try to sell you their services while they make other trades in secret.

    Not me.

    I put my money where my mouth is.

    If I’m recommending a trade to you — that means I’m making the trade too.

    I drink my own Kool-Aid.

    I buy into my own hype.

    …you get the idea.

    I’ll never recommend a trade to you that I’m not also risking with my own money. And it should go without saying: I hate to lose money.

    If you join Profit Accelerator Trader today, you’re going to trade alongside me.

    We’ll be in this together every step of the way.

    What putting your trades on steroids can do…

    As you’ve seen, we keep piling on more and more winners.

    This steroid-infused trading tool shows no sign of slowing down.

    That’s why I can continue to travel the world, visit exotic locations, bring my family along, and build memories to last a lifetime…

    It’s your turn to join us - and membership is only (not $197/six months) $97/six month. Your membership is protected by our 100% 30 day money-back guarantee.

    What are you waiting for? Click the button below and lock in that discounted first year, and get immediate access to the full power of Profit Accelerator Trader and its winning algorithms.

    I’m already making my money with it. Join me.


    Vlad Karpel
    Founder and Chief Investment Officer, INC. BBB Business Review

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