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    AI-Powered Stock GPS: Put Yourself on
    The Fast Track to Trading Success…

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    Imagine having your own “Stock Trading GPS” carefully guiding you
    through the unexpected twists and turns of the market.

    An advanced GPS that turns the threats of bank failures, global conflicts,
    and rising interest rates into unique profit opportunities!

    You’ll be glad to know that such a system exists, and in the next few minutes, you’ll discover…

    How the proprietary trading system I’ve built helps me identify winning trade after winning trade.

    In fact, my system has already generated an impressive +835%* total return  in my trading account!

    That's an  +84.75% win rate  since January 1, 2020!

    Let me introduce myself.

    My name is Vlad Karpel, and I’m the Chief Investment Officer and Founder of YellowTunnel.  

    I was also the key developer of the OptionsXpress trading platform, which processed thousands of trades for over 300,000 traders, and was acquired by Charles Schwab for a staggering  $1 billion.

    Vlad Karpel

    Chief Investment Officer & Founder


    Inspired by my years of experience in tech and trading, I created a groundbreaking trading platform that can…

    Help you  uncover profitable market opportunities  while making you a more confident, disciplined trader.

    Want to know more? Keep reading…

    How my cutting-edge AI-powered algorithm turns uncertainty
    and market chaos into winning trade opportunities.

    The market is one wild ride these days, right?

    You've got everything from inflation to recessions, market swings, and constant ups and downs, keeping active traders on their toes, and awake at night.

    And let's not forget about those big worries like bank failures, issues with China and Ukraine, rising interest rates, the rapid growth of AI, and even the threat of stagflation.

    Yeah, it's a jungle out there!

    And if you're a self-directed trader without the right know-how, guidance, and tools, it can be scary!

    Nowadays, traders have multiple challenges, like understanding market complexities, managing risk, and developing a solid plan. It's like navigating a maze!

    Sounds intimidating, right?

    But hey, it doesn’t need to stop you…

    The trick is having a robust, market-tested system  that minimizes risk while maximizing your chances of success. One that reduces risk while boosting your chances of success.

    If you pay close attention, you’ll have a chance to get instant access to such a system!

    But let me caution you; the system I’m talking about is not for everyone!

    If you're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s not for you.

    On the other hand, if you want to earn a part-time or full-time income trading stocks from home or any place, you have access to a computer or a smartphone.

    And if you’re ready to become a more focused, confident, and disciplined trader.

    Look at  how my proprietary system helped me generate a +835%**  total return during extreme global uncertainty.

    My system finds profitable trades… even in today’s inflation-crazed market.

    Here’s a quick example…

    Not long ago, traders wondered if Putin would turn off oil to Europe and if our energy supplies would be thrown into crisis.

    Factoring in variables like the ones above, my AI-powered algorithm pointed me to trade XOP, the SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF.

    In fact, it told me to trade XOP four times during the month of March.

    Every trade was a winner… hands down!

    • +29.67% ** in one day
    • +71.82% ** in 3 days
    • +157.73% ** in 6 days
    • +90.72% ** in less than a day!

    “My AI-powered algorithm pointed me to trade XOP four times in March… Every trade was a winner!”

    And get this… it's not limited to just energy sector trades.

    Increasing volatility in the tech sector led me to trade HPQ for a one-day profit of +58.33% ** and AAPL for a nice +64.29%** gain.

    Commodity prices tend to become more volatile as troubling news breaks worldwide.

    So, one week, my system told me to trade SLV for a juicy 137.41%** profit!

    Of course, these kinds of wins aren’t that unusual.

    Every market crisis creates pockets of trades that make money, no matter how bad things look.

    For example, in the recessions of 2008 and 2020, stocks like Netflix and Target soared higher than the S&P 500.

    The key is to find those trades despite all the noise. Unfortunately, most traders struggle to identify them. Or they completely miss them.

    Later, they regret not buying XYZ stock at the top of the recession. Knowing that If they had, they'd be rich.

    Just so you know, I don’t struggle to find high-profit stock trades. And haven’t for years.

    How my system uncovered multiple winners during the COVID Panic

    Here’s a snapshot of when the COVID-19 crisis hit the U.S. stock market.  
    The worst period was from February to March 2020.

    There's always a winning trade… when you know how to find it!

    The truth is there are many excellent trading opportunities every day.

    Okay. You may think,  “This guy’s cherry-picking a handful of great trades and hiding all the losers.”

    It’s logical to assume that losses will outweigh the winners.

    “High risk, high reward,” right?

    Well, not with my system!

    During that same period, from the market peak in February to the market bottom in March 2020,  I executed 62 stock trades.

    41 of them were winners.

    21 of them were losers.

    As you can see, even in the most uncertain of times and markets, I still racked up a 67% * win rate, an average of 22.40% ** gain per trade.

    Of course, my AI-powered stock GPS was helping me every step of the way.

    And it can do the same for you!

    Soon, you’ll see that I always put my money where my mouth is.

    You read that right; I never hide from the market. Even if it gets crazy, like in 2020, when I recommend a trade, you can bet I'm investing my money into it.

    Skin in the game proves I have nothing to hide and am confident in my trades.

    As a matter of fact, I have no reason not to believe in my trades because…

    My AI-powered trading GPS consistently delivers triple-digit win after win!

    And here’s the best part…

    My AI-powered trading tool does almost all the hard work and regularly delivers winning trades.

    As of this writing, my win rate from January 1st, 2020, to today is over 84.75%.

    It also performs complex tasks like analysis and stock selection, resulting in remarkable performance.

    I used it to simulate a portfolio starting at  $100,000  since 2020 based on all the actual trades and recommendations given to subscribers.

    The results were astounding: the portfolio would have grown to  $934,506!

    Leveraging the power of my algorithm,
    I achieved a +84.75%*  win rate!

    Imagine how fast your account would have grown if you had been using my system.

    Remember, my win rate from January 1st, 2020, to today* is +84.75%*

    That means that based on past performance, 8 out of every 10 trades you would have made following my system would have made you money!

    See it for yourself….

    Our Live Trading Room Performance Details As of March 1, 2024

    Average Return Per Trade: 37.24%
    Total Gain Per Share: $2,782
    Winning Trades 1850
    Losing Trades 325
    Breakeven Trades 8
    Winning Trades Percentage 84.75%
    Backtest Initial Capital $100,000
    Backtest Final Capital
    (Trading 300 Shares of Stock or 3 Options Contracts Per Trade)
    Backtest Net Gain $834,506

    * Backtest Results assumes starting with a $100,000 trading account and trading each Tradespoon Live Trading Room Trade since January 2020 with 300 shares of stock or 3 options contracts per trade.
    * The performance data is for educational purposes only and the opinions expressed are those of the presenter only. All trades presented should be considered hypothetical and should not be expected to be replicated in a live trading account.

    Overcome the risk-reward cycle and boost your trading profits!

    You see, I created this AI-powered stock GPS to solve one of the biggest challenges self-directed traders must overcome: The “high risk, high reward” assumption.

    It's so predictable. When I tell someone I can generate triple-digit returns on stocks, they almost always say something like,  “Sure, but how much money did you lose to get those returns?”

    Unlike other systems, with my algorithm, I don’t have to risk big losses to score big wins. It’s that accurate!

    Not only does it help me bank win after win, but it also helps manage risk and mitigate losses.

    And it can do the same for you!

    Starting today , you can trade alongside me using the same system that helps me win 84.75%* of the time in bull and bear markets!

    Get instant access to my powerful AI-driven trading platform…
    …for a fraction of the cost of other systems.

    For years, big-time Wall Street traders had an unfair advantage because they had expensive, high-tech platforms that average traders couldn't afford. They’d have to pay $10,000 or more for access.

    To me, that seemed unfair.

    So, I created an affordable, powerful AI-driven platform after leaving OptionsExpress to give small traders a competitive edge.

    Now, you can have that edge too!

    Introducing Profit Accelerator Trader….
    Your chance to rev up your profits with “Schwab on Steroids!”

    Profit Accelerator Trader isn't some out-of-reach technology that's only accessible to trading gurus or Wall-Street wizards.

    And unlike other programs run by so-called “gurus,”   we don’t overload you with tons of features and boring content designed to distract you from the fact that their systems are NOT making you much money.

    You’ll be excited to know that Profit Accelerator Trader   was built with a different vision!

    Unlike the others,  I wanted to focus on the trades!

    Honestly, you don’t need tons of generic information you can find on Google.

    To become a successful self-directed stock trader, you need:

    • Access to a sophisticated trading algorithm  that turns uncertainty and volatility into high-profit trading opportunities, regardless of the state of the market. An algorithm with a proven 84.75%+ win rate*.

    • Access to live trading sessions,  where you see how experts decide position sizing, set optimal stop-loss and take-profit levels, and balance their portfolios while minimizing the chances of unexpected losses.

    • Access  to up-to-date monthly training resources, including videos and newsletter updates designed to help you bank more gains and apply your newfound knowledge to your own trades.

    Most importantly, you need a system that does most of the heavy lifting and gives back some of your time. So, you can spend it doing whatever you enjoy instead of constantly managing your portfolio.

    Are you ready to tap into the power of a state-of-the-art, AI-driven algorithm  that can put you on the fast track to trading success?

    If so, click here, and let’s get you started today!

    By the way, our system has been recognized by Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal,  and Reuters and is trusted by a growing community of loyal users. To quote a few:

    "Vlad’s advice is indispensable for trading success."  Mark R.

    "The psychological edge YellowTunnel provides is a must for all traders!"  Al L.

    "I'm letting go of all other subscriptions because YT is superior to the rest."  Tom L.

    Want to know more about the system?

    As a Profit Accelerator Trader  member , you get access to our powerful trading platform – the same one I use for my profitable trades – just like Wall Street's, but much cheaper!

    We'll give you 4 easy-to-execute monthly trade recommendations with all entry and exit strategies. Log in, choose your trades, and then enjoy your day. You can even trade while traveling. All you need is internet access!

    Essentially, Profit Accelerator Trader delivers winning trades and portfolio boosts, giving you more time to enjoy life.

    No more wasted hours watching pundits arguing about stocks on CNBC or Fox Business. No more expensive subscriptions to useless trading/ investment services run by so-called “experts.”

    No more sweating over the doomsday headlines in the business section.

    Just great stock picks at your fingertips. Log in, make your recommended trades, and live your life.

    You’ll get access to nearly 50 trades per year. Make the ones you like. Ignore the ones you don’t like.

    The current
    Profit Accelerator Trader  is an optimized version of the same algorithm that helped me turn a $100,000 account* into $700,376  after factoring in occasional losses.

    By now, you may be wondering…

    What’s the entry price  to a cutting-edge system like Profit Accelerator Trader?

    Most experienced traders know that advanced platforms usually carry a big price tag. Subscriptions to many of these systems can easily run into the thousands.

    For example, one popular trading software subscription will set you back $1,500.00 a year.

    It’s costly but doesn’t deliver an 84.75%* win rate like Profit Accelerator Trader.

    The good news is when you start today; you’ll have instant access to that win rate.

    And it’s not going to cost you $1,500.00.

    F ull membership to Profit Accelerator Trader would be $394 for 3 months, but I know you want to earn a full or part-time income and become a more focused, confident, and disciplined trader.

    That’s why I’d like to offer you a Charter Member Discount  that makes this a no-brainer!

    - For a limited time only -
    Take 75% Off Your Profit Accelerator Trader Charter Membership

    Yes, you read that right…

    When you activate your Charter Membership today, you’ll get:

    • Instant access to my Profit Accelerator Trader system.

    • Instant access to the algorithms that power my 84.75% * win rate.

    • 4 to 8 monthly recommended trades with setups.

    • Portfolio hedges using QQQ and SPY options.

    • Access to real-time trading SMS alerts  so you can mirror my personal trades.

    • Exclusive access to our ever-expanding knowledge vault.

    • Unlimited access to our library of training sessions . (learn at your own pace)

    M ost importantly, you’ll have access to a system that does all of this while handing you back your time - so you can do what you want instead of managing your portfolio all day.

    Start today for a special discounted rate and immediately get  $100 OFF!

    That means you won’t pay $197.00 but only $97  for your first 3 months. Then, your Charter Membership will automatically renew at $197 per six months.

    But wait! It gets even better!

    You’ll also get 3 Bonus Reports on AI trading… FREE!

    When you join us today, you’ll get three bonus reports that show how AI-driven algorithms like Profit Accelerator Trader pinpoint the best trades in bull and bear markets.

    • BONUS REPORT: 3 Inflation-Beating Blue Chips Set To Double In 6 Months Or Less.  You'll want to read this eye-opening report if you think big-name stocks are too large to double rapidly. ($50.00 value).

    • BONUS REPORT: The 5 Best BioTech Startups.  From a saliva test for cancer to a shot that helps the body re-grow nerves along the spinal cord, new medical advances blur the line between biology and technology. They can help restore, improve, and extend our lives. An investor’s dream! ($50.00 value)

    • BONUS REPORT: 5 High-Yield Dividend Stocks To Double Or Triple Your Monthly Income.  With interest rates below today’s inflation rate, high-yielding stocks can be excellent trades for income-starved investors. In this bonus report, you’ll discover high-yield stocks with reliable dividends. ($50.00 value)

    Most people would agree; that’s tons of value for just  $97! 

    Hey, a nice dinner for two will cost you $100… or more.

    For less than that, you can put your stock portfolio on steroids!

    Click here to get started now >

    Look at what members are saying about Profit Accelerator Trader…

    Soon, you’ll see that Profit Accelerator Trader  members don’t follow my recommendations because they think I have an “inside track” or I’m well-connected on Wall Street.

    They follow my picks because I have a proven record of making money for them. Thanks to my proprietary trading algorithms.

    Why you can trust Profit Accelerator Trader

    My company, YellowTunnel, and I stand behind our platform and proprietary technology.

    In fact, we’re so sure you’ll love it, we’ll give you a  30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.  

    If, for any reason, you decide to cancel in the first thirty days, your entire payment will be refunded.

    You can try all of the robust features, tools, and training included with Profit Accelerator Trader.

    And if it’s not what you imagined. Or, maybe it’s just not “your cup of tea.” Don’t worry. Let us know within the first 30 days, and we’ll send you a full refund.

    No questions asked. No hard feelings. We’re that sure you’ll love it.

    Are you ready to put your trading on steroids?

    Seize this opportunity   to put Profit Accelerator Trader to work for you… and transform your life!

    As a successful trader, you can work from home or in a cozy coffee shop. You can also travel the world, visit exotic locations, bring your loved ones along, and build memories that last a lifetime!

    Activate your Charter Membership today for only $97  for your first 3 months!

    Act now, and you’ll get an instant $100 OFF, plus our 100% Money-back Guarantee.  After that, your subscription will automatically renew at $197 per 6 months.

    Click the button below, lock in your discounted rate, and get instant access  to the full power of Profit Accelerator Trader  and its winning algorithms!

    See you on the inside,

    Vlad Karpel
    Founder & Chief Investment Officer

    • Subscription:  $197 for three months (That’s $497 off our regular price).
      As a Profit Accelerator subscriber, your subscription includes all the benefits described on this page.

      However, with this upgraded program, you can access our
      Closing Bell Trading Room,  where Vlad trades earnings. He’s been making money on overbought earnings trades for 10+ years and has been successful over 80% of the time. This is a no-brainer if you want to jumpstart your account with solid high-yield income plays. Earnings trades happen right at the close. We hold for only 24 hours and pick the gains off the floor. Important: This special offer expires when you leave this page. We normally charge $597 for this service, but you can lock in the special rate today at $197 for your first 3 months. After that, your subscription will renew automatically at $197 per six months using the most recent credit card on file.

    • Subscription: $97 for three months ($100 off our regular price).
      Your subscription includes all the benefits described on this page and will automatically renew at $197 per six months (50% Discount) using the most recent credit card we have on file.

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