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    With Wars Escalating, Non-stop Inflation, and Political Upheaval on the Horizon, Your Stock Portfolio is at Risk!

    Discover the secrets to mastering the market's twists and turns like a seasoned hedge-fund professional. Join me in the live trading room video below, where I unveil how Dealer Exposure and AI Neural Networks have empowered me to forecast Apple and Meta earnings outcomes with precision, leveraging this knowledge to achieve profitability. Prepare to elevate your trading skills and emerge as a more adept trader. Once you've experienced the transformative insights offered in the video, take the next step by joining our community. Delve into additional opportunities, including trades involving $NVO and $SPY, as we navigate the markets
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    Leverage My AI-Powered Hedge Fund Strategies To Profit
    From Today's Turbulent Times

    Vlad Karpel
    Chief Investment Officer & Founder YellowTunnel

    Nowadays, the stock market isn't just up or down.

    It's no longer a bull and bear game; today's markets are a whirlwind of unpredictability, even for the sharpest Wall Street experts.

    The sad fact? Most self-directed traders are clueless about safeguarding their investments.

    They're at a loss when it comes to strategies like long/short selling, hedging, and volatility trading. And that's why they're unsure, frozen, or overly cautious.

    But that doesn't have to be you.

    Now, there's a way you can profit from these turbulent times.

    Using what I learned at Peak6, a top Chicago hedge fund, and after working with market wizards like Joe Scoby, I'm highly skilled at navigating stormy markets like the ones we see today.

    Winning in today's markets requires melding advanced technology with human intuition, fine-tuning strategies, and playing both offense and defense.

    With my unique blend of AI algorithms and the human touch, I've developed a new & powerful strategy for traders like you.

    Keep reading to see how, together, we can rewire your brain to protect your portfolio and prosper in these chaotic times...

    The Hedge Fund Mindset
    Your Recession-Proof Blueprint For Trading Profits


    Introducing The Hedge Fund Mindset, your recession-proof blueprint for consistent trading profits.

    In today's chaotic world, where markets shift so fast they’ll make your head spin, traditional trading methods don't cut it.

    To survive and thrive, you need the resilience, the tactics, and the tenacity of a hedge fund professional.

    That's where I come in. With years of hedge-fund experience, I can teach you the mindset and skills you need to manage market volatility with confidence and strategic foresight.

    Here’s a quick look at my 3-step blueprint for trading profits, which combines proven hedge-fund strategies with my proprietary AI-powered trading system, Profit Accelerator Trader.

    3-Step Hedge Fund Trading Blueprint

    STEP 1
    Quickly adapt to market signals with my global macro and market-neutral strategies market-neutral strategies. Avoid mistakes and stay agile during unpredictable markets and uncertain economic times.
    STEP 2
    Discover the secrets to using hedging, risk parity, and options strategies to shield your investments. My system helps to ensure your portfolio is strong and virtually bulletproof against market downturns.
    STEP 2
    Learn how hedge fund pros deploy long/short equity, merger arbitrage, event-driven, and volatility trading techniques . Watch as I pinpoint & seize profitable trades - even in stagnant, directionless markets.

    Let's face it, the days of simple bullish hopes or bearish fears are long gone!

    But don't worry. By blending proven hedge-fund strategies with my AI-driven system, Profit Accelerator , you'll be able to navigate almost any market scenario, be it booming, busting, or anywhere in between.

    Why You Need The Hedge Fund Mindset

    Look, if you're tired of the same old trading advice that doesn't work in today's topsy-turvy markets, The Hedge Fund Mindset + Profit Accelerator Trader is exactly what you need.

    With markets and the economy going bonkers - wars, relentless inflation, and rumors of recession, most self-directed traders are freaking out or paralyzed with fear.

    But not you! With my guidance, you'll learn how to trade up, down, and sideways markets like the pros.

    Let me show you how to:

    Tame the Market Beasts: I've shaken up the old trading rules. Say "ADIOS" to your investments going on a wild rollercoaster ride. We're looking for steady wins, even when everyone else is pulling their hair out.
    Stay One Step Ahead: Wars? Economic uncertainty? Flat markets? No problem. My proven hedge-fund strategies will help you pivot, adapt, and spot profitable opportunities even when things look bleak.
    Guard Your Cash: With powerful AI algorithms and tactics like hedging, we'll build a bullet-proof shield around your investments. Imagine having a security system for your hard-earned money. Now, it's possible!
    Be An Intrepid Trader: Profit Accelerator Trader isn't just about getting stock tips. You'll belong to a community of intrepid, like-minded traders. Together, we're finding golden opportunities while others scream, "The sky is falling!"
    Ready to start thinking, adapting, and trading like a hedge-fund pro?

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    Meet Your Stock Trading Mentor


    Oh, and in case you don't already know who I am, let me introduce myself.

    My name is Vlad Karpel, and I'm the Chief Investment Officer and Founder of YellowTunnel.

    I was also a key developer of the OptionsXpress trading platform, which processed thousands of trades for more than 300,000 traders and was acquired by Charles Schwab for a staggering $1 billion.

    Inspired by years of experience in the field, including my work in technology for a successful hedge fund, Peak6 , and my interaction with renowned market legends like Joe Scoby, I developed a groundbreaking trading platform that helps you navigate directionless markets and uncover profitable market opportunities while managing risk.

    Unfortunately, most people don't know how to keep their money safe when they trade.

    And that's why they need someone to show them how to think and act like hedge-fund pros so they can make smarter moves in today's turbulent market.

    Keep reading to see how I can help you become a better trader... starting today!

    How My AI-Powered Hedge Fund Strategies + Profit Accelerator
    Trader Can Help You Pick More Winners in Crazy Times


    I think we can all agree that the stock market feels like a wild rollercoaster ride lately.

    Lots of stuff is happening: relentless inflation, high interest rates, a looming recession, and escalating conflicts in places like Ukraine and The Middle East.

    And then, of course, China is a rising threat to US power and influence.

    Everything's changing so fast, it can get downright confusing!

    These days, trading and investing are like trying to find your way in a big, twisty maze without a map.

    But don't worry!

    I've developed a special AI-powered algorithm that can help self-directed traders like you and me make smarter choices.

    And it can help us make them faster than you can imagine.

    Now, this isn't magic. And it's not for those hoping to become overnight millionaires.

    But if you want to make more winning trades - and be smart about it, my AI-driven algorithm, plus The Hedge Fund Mindset, will empower you to pivot, protect, and profit from all the chaos and uncertainty.

    Here, let me give you a sneak peek into what's possible.

    Thanks to my AI-powered algorithm, I've found countless ways to make money even when times were tough.

    Remember when people were scared Europe might run out of oil because of Russia?

    My algorithm told me to trade a stock named XOP four times in just one month.

    And every time, I made money!

    +29.67% in one day
    +71.82% in 3 days
    +157.73% in 6 days
    +29.67% in less than a day!

    But this isn't just about oil stocks. My system finds all kinds of stocks. When tech stocks were going haywire, the algo showed me how to make money with symbols like HPQ and AAPL.

    And when everyday commodities like gold and silver get more expensive or drop, my algorithm uncovers opportunities.

    One time, it told me to buy and sell SLV, and in just one week, I racked up a juicy 137.41%** profit!

    While most traders panic when the market goes wild, I find tons of great opportunities!

    The challenge is spotting and pinpointing them. Most traders either overlook them or get in too late.

    But with my AI algorithm and hedge-fund strategies, I’m ahead of the curve. That's why I spot lots of potential winners that I personally trade and share with members of Profit Accelerator Trader.

    As you'll soon see, there are always plenty of winning trade opportunities - even in turbulent markets.

    The AI Algorithm Helped Me Profit During The Roller-Coaster
    Market During The Pandemic. Here's how...

    Remember in 2020, during COVID, when the stock market turmoil had everyone on edge?

    You know, back when the market took a nose-dive, plummeting by 33.92% in one month?

    Even during all the chaos, my AI trading algorithm helped me rack up some unexpected wins.

    Check out these gains:

    February 19th with VRTX: +100.00%
    February 26th on UNG:+97.73%
    March 6th with SPY:+213.95%
    March 9th via XLU:+195.63%
    March 20th back at SPY:+119.17%

    While most traders and investors were biting their nails, my AI-driven approach was unearthing trades with massive gains!

    The bottom line? There's always a winning trade out there. And with my algorithm, there is usually more than one.

    Now, I know skeptics might think I'm just shining a spotlight on a few wins and pushing the losses under the rug.

    Valid point. Consider this: I made 2306 trades during that intense period, and 1944 were winners.

    That's a 84.30%* win rate, with an average of 37.13% per trade.

    And by the way, I always trade with my own money. Always have and always will. I firmly believe in my trades, so I put my own cash on the line.

    Now, let's talk about the real star of the show: my AI trading algorithm.

    Since its inception, it's been serving up sizzling trades like:

    +157.73% in 6 days on XOP
    +227.40% in a day with GOOGL
    +197.57% in 3 days via PFG

    Those are just a few examples.

    Here's the kicker: From January 1st, 2020, until now, my running win rate is 84.30%!

    If you had put $100,000 on all my trades from the start of 2020, you'd be looking at a staggering $865,736 today!

    8 of every 10 trades I've made with this algorithm have churned out a profit. Think about that for a second.

    Now, take a look at these stats...

    Our Live Trading Room Performance Details As of May 27, 2024

    Average Return Per Trade: 37.13%
    Winning Trades 1944
    Losing Trades 353
    Breakeven Trades 9
    Winning Trades Percentage 84.30%
    Backtest Initial Capital $100,000
    Backtest Final Capital
    (Trading 300 Shares of Stock or 3 Options Contracts Per Trade)
    Backtest Net Gain $865,736

    * Backtest Results assumes starting with a $100,000 trading account and trading each Tradespoon Live Trading Room Trade since January 2020 with 300 shares of stock or 3 options contracts per trade.
    * The performance data is for educational purposes only and the opinions expressed are those of the presenter only. All trades presented should be considered hypothetical and should not be expected to be replicated in a live trading account.

    Busting The "High Risk, High Reward" Myth


    We've all heard the cliche, "To win big, you gotta lose big."

    You mention to someone that you scored triple-digit returns, and they first say, "Okay, but what's the catch? How much did you lose?"

    Here's the thing: With my AI-powered trading algorithm, I don't have to play by the usual rules.

    The beauty of my algorithm isn't just its ability to spot winning trades. No, it has the ability to sidestep those hefty losses while chasing solid wins. That's what sets it apart from the rest.

    And the best news? You have a chance to tap into this game-changer, too!

    Now, you can trade knowing that you're leveraging a system that's had my back through thick and thin, boasting a win rate of 84.30%+ through market highs and lows.

    Big-shot investors have fancy software platforms at their disposal. But, if you, the everyday trader, want a piece of that algorithmic action, it's going to set you back $10,000 or more.

    The good news for you is I have a different vision.

    My goal is to level the playing field by bringing this cutting-edge technology and proven hedge-fund strategies to traders like you without burning a hole in your pocket.

    As for the success stories of traders who've ridden the wave with my system? Well, I'll let them do the talking...

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    What Other Traders Are Saying

    $59,000 in my account!
    "Hi Vlad, I just wanted to give you an idea of how successful your predictions are. I am only in stocks… with less than $30,000 back in March when I signed up. I am now holding $59,000 in my account. Keep up the great work!"
    Amos H. (Member since 2017)
    My total profits now exceed $12K!
    "Vlad, Thank you for putting together such a terrific program! I've been trading for years and while I made money, I lost much more. My total profits since becoming a member now exceed 12K! Thanks again for changing my life!" creating this masterpiece."
    Bill W. (Member since 2016)
    Never had these kinds of results before!
    "In the past month, we have taken 20 stocks that we follow on a daily basis to see how well your program works. Here are the following results: Number of stocks triggered: 151.Number of stocks that were profitable: 143. Number of losing stock trades: 8. I want to thank you for this tool to trade with. I have traded since 1988 and never have I found an indicator (95%) that provides these kinds of results."
    Thomas C. (Member since 2016)

    I feel like the playing field has been leveled.
    "I just wanted to thank you for providing such an excellent service for retail traders like me. I feel like the playing field has been leveled. My trading has improved because your system helps me keep emotion out of the equation. Keep up the good work!"
    Vance L. (Member since 2015)
    Has the psychological edge that’s a must for all traders.
    “Vlad and Dr. Menaker, through market psychology, have helped me become a better trader. Instead of being my own worst enemy, I'm now my own best friend. Their guidance and understanding with mindful meditation, emotion management, and becoming confident in my decision-making. What is most important about Vlad is that he genuinely cares about all of his subscribers and gives his heart, soul, and expertise. All of which allows me to make money. He’s the best in the business!”
    Al L. (Member since 2022)
    Woke up to $1,200!
    "I woke up to $1,200 profit. Happy, happy, happy!!! Thanks!"
    Christa F. (Member since 2017)

    Hedge Fund Strategies Backed By Real-Life Experience

    People aren't gravitating to my system and insights because they think I have a secret backchannel to Wall Street.

    They're banking on my alerts and picks. And because of the success they've seen with my AI-driven trading algorithm.

    I have to admit, my years in the algorithmic trading arena have been transformative… and highly rewarding!

    Inspired by years of industry expertise, including my tech-driven role at a high-performing hedge fund, Peak6, and my insightful interactions with market legends such as Joe Scoby, I've built something revolutionary.

    My groundbreaking trading platform is designed to guide you through erratic markets and adeptly uncover lucrative opportunities, all while strategically managing risk.

    But that's just part of the equation...

    My earlier stint as the CTO for OptionsXpress had me front and center of a technological marvel. A platform that became the go-to software for more than 300,000 traders, executing a staggering number of daily trades.

    When Charles Schwab saw OptionsXpress' potential and its huge impact on traders, they scooped it up for a cool $1 billion.

    OptionsXpress' phenomenal success was undeniable: 397,400 client accounts, $8.4 billion in client assets, and 44,900 daily average revenue trades. Yet, after the company was sold to Schwab, I wasn't ready to get out of the game. . Here's how all this can work for you...

    Using my tech know-how combined with 2 decades of experience, I set out on an even bigger mission.

    My goal wasn't about building another commercial trading platform but leveraging the full value of what I had experienced.

    Here's how my vision and approach are different.

    Too often, traders are lured by flashy "gurus" who are all sizzle and no steak. They get wooed, sign up, and soon find out it was mostly hype that's not backed up by a clear strategy and verifiable gains.

    Before long, they regret what they did, and the membership fees and badly-advised trades start to take their toll.

    To make matters worse, most traders are in the dark when it comes to safeguarding their investments.

    They desperately need a guiding hand, showing them how to channel the strategic mindset of hedge-fund experts so they can make smarter, more calculated market moves in these unpredictable times!

    Leveraging a Robust System with an 84.30%+ Success Rate


    Many trading gurus pad their advisories with flamboyant features to divert you from their mediocre gains. But when I conceived my company and platform, the vision was to spotlight the trades.

    You aren't here for extraneous or generic data that anybody can easily source online.

    No, you're looking for a cutting-edge trading algorithm primed to consistently identify lucrative trades, irrespective of market flux.

    You want to harness the same system I've used to sustain an impressive 84.30%+ success rate.

    Most of all, you want a system that multiplies your wealth and gives you more time. More time to enjoy life beyond portfolio micro-management.

    That's the essence of Profit Accelerator Trader.

    Once you're a member, you'll have access to a powerful, optimized algorithm that's the key to my trading success.

    And now, it's your turn to share in some of that success.

    Each month, I'll send you 4 detailed trade suggestions with entry and exit strategies.

    Your part? Just pop them into your dashboard, align your moves, and let the trades play out - while you do other things.

    Take advantage of that extra time to be with your loved ones, binge-watch your favorite TV series, hit the greens, travel the world, or do whatever makes you happy and fulfilled.

    No more wasting time watching debates between so-called stock "experts" on CNBC or Fox Business.

    No more shelling out for subscriptions peddled by "gurus" who are nothing more than posers in Armani suits.

    With Profit Accelerator Trader , you'll get precise, actionable trades backed by market-tested hedge fund strategies, decades of insight, and experience trading the markets.

    As I mentioned earlier, markets change at break-neck speed in today's chaotic world, so most traditional trading methods fall short.

    To survive and thrive in the current environment, you need the resilience, the tactics, and the tenacity of a hedge fund pro.

    With my years of hedge fund and stock trading experience, I'll help you rewire your brain and acquire the skills you need to manage market volatility now successfully and in the years to come.

    We'll do that by following my 3-Step Hedge Fund Trading Blueprint:

    1. PIVOT: You'll learn to quickly adapt to market signals using global macro and market-neutral strategies. You'll minimize costly mistakes and stay agile during unpredictable and turbulent markets.

    2. PROTECT: I'll teach you proven ways to use hedging, risk parity, and options strategies to shield your investments. Plus, my system helps to ensure your portfolio is strong and almost bulletproof against market downturns.

    3. PROFIT: You'll see firsthand how hedge fund pros deploy long/short equity, merger arbitrage, event-driven, and volatility trading techniques. I'll show you how I uncover, pinpoint and seize profitable trades - even in stagnant, directionless markets.

    The good news is that now is the perfect time to get started!

    That's because there's lots of volatility in the market, and Profit Accelerator's current algorithm is a more evolved version of the one that transmuted that $100,000 into a whopping $865,736 account balance.

    Imagine how you'd feel with that kind of additional cash in your account and plenty of free time to enjoy it.

    Trust me. That's the best of both worlds!

    By now, you might be wondering…

    What's My Investment in Profit Accelerator Trader?

    Typically, a stock trading platform as powerful as this one doesn't come cheap.

    Several well-known platforms can set you back $1,500 or more a year.

    And most don't even come close to matching my 84.30%* win rate!

    With Profit Accelerator Trader , that impressive win rate is within your reach. And it won’t cost you $1,500.

    You'll be glad to know that a full-price Profit Accelerator Trader membership is only $394/six months…

    But guess what?

    Although that's quite reasonable, today, you’re not going to pay the full price.

    As you'll soon see, Profit Accelerator Trader is a life-changing tool you can use to juice up your trading profits and manage risk like a hedge-fund pro in these turbulent times, but you aren’t going to pay the sticker price.

    Today, I'd like to offer you an exclusive Charter Member Discount that'll make this opportunity a no-brainer for you.

    Become a Charter Member Today And Get 75% OFF!

    When you become a you’re not going to pay the full price. Profit Accelerator Charter Member today, you’ll get all this:

    Instant access to my robust AI algorithm and the hedge-fund strategies behind my 84.30% win rate.
    4 to 8 handpicked monthly stock trade recommendations.
    Strategic portfolio hedges using QQQ and SPY options.
    Real-time SMS trade alerts. That way, you're always in sync with my moves.
    Full access to Yellow Tunnel's comprehensive knowledge vault.
    Unlimited access to a treasure trove of past training sessions.

    In summary, you’re getting access to a powerful, proven system that does all of this for you. A system that lets you buy back precious, irreplaceable time.

    You’re buying back time, so you can do what you want, when you want, with who you want, instead of sitting in front of your computer all day long managing your stock trades and portfolio.

    How much is that extra time worth to you? Only you know.

    That's why I'm going to make it even easier for you to get started.

    Today, lock in an extra $100 OFF your already discounted Charter Membership rate.

    So, when you join us today, your rate is $100 OFF only $97/three months (instead of $197/three months).

    That's a whopping 75% OFF the price of a regular membership!

    But wait, there’s even more!

    Get $300 in Special Reports Showing You How To Cash In On The AI-Powered Stock Trading Revolution

    Bonus Report #1

    AI Identifies 3 Inflation Beating Blue Chips Set To Double In 6 Months Or Less

    ($50.00 value - FREE)

    YellowTunnel Logo

    If you think big-name stocks are too big to quickly double in price, you'll want to read and possibly act on what you learn in this eye-opening report.

    Bonus Report #2

    AI’s Take On Generative AI And How To Safely Rake In Big Profits On AI Stocks

    ($50.00 value - FREE)

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    Are we in a crazy AI bubble, or will these three or four newcomers go on to remake the world’s order? Claim your report today and find out!

    Bonus Report #3

    The Top 3 Electric Vehicle Stocks to buy (and the 2 stocks to avoid)

    ($50.00 value - FREE)

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    The global acceptance of EVs has created lots of buzz. 3 players are positioned to profit from the skyrocketing demand for EVs. Get this report and tap into the EV gold rush!

    Bonus Report #4

    AI Names The 5 Most Promising Bio-Tech Startups in Today's Market

    ($50.00 value - FREE)

    YellowTunnel Logo

    From a spit test for cancer to a shot that helps your body re-grow nerves along your spinal cord, these new advances in the world of medicine blur the line between biology and technology - to help restore, improve, and extend our lives. And they are an investor’s dream!

    Bonus Report #5

    I Names 5 High Yield Dividend Stocks To Double Or Triple Your Monthly Income

    ($50.00 value - FREE)

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    With interest rates higher than today’s inflation rate, high-yielding stocks can be welcome trades for income-starved investors. In this FREE special report, you’ll find details on great stocks with high yields and reliable dividends. Download it today and earn more dividends.

    Bonus Report #6

    AI’s Clear-Eyed View Of The Best Marijuana Stocks To Trading in Today's Market

    ($50.00 value - FREE)

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    Like it or not, pot and related investments are here to stay. Grab this FREE special report and discover five of the most promising ways to cash in on this fast-growing industry that stands to create thousands of new millionaires in the coming years as states change their laws regulating cannabis.


    Why You Can Trust Profit Accelerator Trader

    First of all, my company, YellowTunnel, and I stand behind our platform and proprietary technology. Go ahead and try my hedge-fund strategies and the robust system. If it’s not what you imagined or if it’s “not a good fit,” you can cancel any time.

    No questions. No hassle. No hard feelings. We want to make sure you’ll love it.

    Now, this next point is very important, so pay close attention...

    Many so-called “gurus” and trading “experts” try to sell you their services while they secretly make different trades.

    I guarantee you, that’s not me. I always put my money where my mouth is.

    When I recommend a trade to my clients and members, I’m making exactly the same trade.

    I always have skin in the game. I’ll never recommend a trade where I’m not risking with my own money.

    And it should go without saying: I hate to lose money.

    So, when you join Profit Accelerator Trader , you’ll be trading alongside me.

    We’ll be on this exciting journey together - every step of the way.

    Now the ball is in your court. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    Don’t put your life (and portfolio growth) on hold.

    Become a Charter Member today, and lock in an extra $100 OFF the already discounted rate.

    That means your rate will be $97/three months , and not $197/three months.

    Just complete the form below and lock in your first year - at an incredible rate!

    After joining, you'll get instant access to the full power of Profit Accelerator Trader, its winning algorithms, and a treasure trove of special reports, videos, and other learning resources!

    See you on the inside,

    • Subscription: $197 for three month ($497 off our regular price).
      As a Profit Accelerator Subscriber, my subscription includes all the benefits described in the letter.

      In addition you will have complete access to the Dynamic Profit Trader, including the upgraded daily Morning Bell Live Trading Room where Vlad trades his personal money. Vlad has been making income on trades for the past 10 years and has been successful over 80% of the time. This is a no brainer to jump start your account with some solid high yield income plays. Trades happen every morning first hour of market session. We hold stock and option position for only 5-10 days and pick the gains up right off the floor. This deal also expires when you leave this page... we normally charge $597 for these services.
      Your membership will automatically renew at $197 per six month , using the most recent credit card we have on file.

    • Subscription: $97 for three month ($197 off our regular price)
      My subscription includes all the subscription benefits described in the letter. Your membership will automatically renew at $197 per six month using the most recent credit card we have on file.

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    * YellowTunnel's performance data represents the average return on all trading recommendations from 01/01/2020 to 05/27/2024.
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