Market Sell Off Check List

Short video containing Vlad's view on how to follow your trading plan.

In this Short trading psychology video Vlad Karpel will discuss what causes you to repeat the same mistakes over and over again and will provide tips to help increase your profitability by avoiding pitfalls of common trading mistakes during market sell off.

Vlad Karpel

Presenter Bio:

Vlad Karpel is the CEO and Chief Architect of Tradespoon, a daily stock pick service that combines algorithmic and fundamental analysis. Prior to Tradespoon, Vlad was Executive Vice President and Head of Technology at OptionsXpress from inception through 2007. During this tenure, the trading platform developed under his leadership handled 300,000+ customers, processed more than 60,000 orders daily and powered company growth to over $1.6B in market capitalization. Vlad also has served as CTO of Mediaocean and as a consultant to and investor in early stage financial technology companies. He has been building and optimizing the core Tradespoon algorithm for 15 years.