YellowTunnel Testimonials

Alex Kammer August 2020

From my reviews of different sites, I've learned much more in trading with options and stocks and the probability of success with Vlad than any other so called gurus out in the trading educational field. I've been trading actively full-time for over 8 years and have taken multiple courses in futures, options and stocks trading, there is no such thing as the holy grail, it is not out there, I've learned from the hard knocks trading can give you. The way Vlad trades is by far the best way to not lose your capital. We all have different personalities and it's very difficult to blend other methods to your own, so it's important that you include psychology to trading. It wasn't up until learning to meditate and learn from a bonafide yoga guru that my trading had taken off. So Vlad's Yellow Tunnel with learning the psychology of one's own mind is so essential. Taking fear and greed out of the equation and concentrating on the process only, and not looking at just the reward, will definitely grow your account. The main ingredient Vlad teaches is having a plan and always look at the Risk to Reward of the trade you are about to take is the essential formula for success. Using a combination of Tradespoons' models and a solid base understanding of the fundamentals of options is definitely the way to grow your account. Stock trading alone is much riskier for long term traders if they don't understand technical analysis and a fundamental knowledge of options. Stocks go three ways, up, down and sideways. They can go sideways for a long time and this is where options come in and can help grow you account. Even when they are going up, you can keep a core position of stock and sell calls out of the money (OTM) and take profits on the way up. So options provide us traders with options to earn more. The same way instead of waiting for normal pullbacks of the market (dips) you can sell naked puts to buy the stock you want at the price you think is of value and get paid for it. The big money like Buffett buys warrants and sells puts to acquire stock, so we should too.

Robert M. May 2020

Trading with the Founder of YellowTunnel!! Training as your Trading. Vlad and Scott do a great job and always remind you of proper Money Management and Risk. Elite Live Trading Room (1st hour and last hour of day) where either Vlad or Scott display the trades in front of you on the screen (type, # of positions, profit target, money at risk, stop loss price level). They present the trades so that accounts from 1000.00 to 25,000.00 and up can participate. Great service and easy to grasp.

Sergio Castillo Customer Since May 2020

My review of YellowtTunnel: These are real professionals trading the market, they are transparent and give you an audit of their wins AND their losses. You will not find any crazy hype here, they are friendly and their analysis is very good, they are very in tune with the technology they use. This team is one I feel comfortable with walking along with for the long haul for the next decade or so God willing. If you decide to sign up, you should be prepared to do some work on your end and understand how to manage your capital wisely and not over trade and not place any "big bets" on any given pick. Slow and steady wins this race! They have a consistent stream of winners, all you have to do is tap into the stream according to your account size and time constraints.

The Results I Got From Following Dr. Menaker’s Instructions Are Amazing!

I learned and mastered the mechanics of trading in a few months, however, I’ve been struggling for years with managing my emotions while trading. Cutting winners short was my biggest hurdle. It’s hard to be consistently profitable when you’re always bailing out of winning trades because of fear of it reversing or whatever the case may be. Whether that’s your issue or revenge trading, moving stops, chasing trades, etc…I know Dr. Menaker can help you get a handle on these types of issues. My P&L is proof! For years I was up, down and breakeven. Mostly down on my profits. Now for the first time in years, I’m having back to back profitable weeks!

I started with Dr. Menaker’s, “Advanced Course” but felt I still needed some fine tuning and one on one analysis and corrective action. So I enrolled in a series of Skype counseling sessions and this has really turned my trading around!

I highly recommend Dr. Menaker’s services for the struggling trader or the trader that may not be struggling but just wants to take their performance to a higher level and be the best they can be.


John Cantu

S&P trader

Austin, TX

Testimonial for Andrew Menaker 1/1 Coaching

I have been trading for 7-8 years as an independent trader, with several pauses from the markets out of frustration of hitting a glass ceiling and unnecessary losses. I had good edges, but could not figure out why I was not making consistent money.

About 18 months ago I made a renewed commitment to myself to make it as an individual trader and have put a lot of time into this endeavor. At the start, I enrolled with a quality training class for 3 months which had a terrific surprise, a guest lecture from Dr. Menaker. It clicked instantly and that day I was in contact with Andrew to discuss the full deep dive into 1/1 trading psychology sessions. After a 30 minute phone call, it was apparent that it was a “must do” to take on the challenging effort to realize my thought process as an edge and that it would take more work than trading itself to be effective for myself.

Almost a year ago I started the 1/1 coaching with Andrew and have not stopped. It can be quite difficult to go through a process of self-realization of yourself as a trader. A big gut check. 2014 turned out to be a breakthrough year for me as a trader. The glass ceiling of my top profits in a day has been broken many times and I finally feel that the time I’ve dedicated to trading is paying off. This would not have happened until I learned to manage myself and emotions during the trading day with Andrew. While I have learned new edges on my own that worked for me in 2014, most my profits are with the same edges I used before meeting Andrew. What changed is the experience of Andrew’s coaching and how I manage and talk to myself. My journal reflects that more than anything else.

The most important aspect of Andrew’s coaching is how you manage yourself in trading. Whether in a winner or loser, you can change and manage the way you feel/react to your emotions and keep your trading day in perspective. I’ve had some days when I was in deep trouble, and quite often I would take a break and review the lessons learned from coaching, get my mind organized, and go from red to green by trading the trades, managing the emotions.

The 1/1 coaching with Andrew has been a big commitment, sometimes very difficult (and a lot of extra work), but was one of the best trading decisions I’ve made. I was ready to stop trading for good, this process was a key part of continuing my trading career. I highly recommend 1/1 coaching with Andrew.

Bob Scalese February 1, 2015


“Andrew is a true pioneer in the fields of Trading and Psychology. He is passionately dedicated to finding synergies between these two disciplines in a way that is fresh, profoundly intellectual and at the same time relevant and practical to his clients. I’m not at all surprised he’s been asked to share his ideas with the national media, featured in books on successful traders, and invited to speak at major trading conferences.

In my years as a quant in the hedge fund world, my work with him has been amongst the most interesting and innovative. I am continually impressed at how he can take broad, “big-picture” ideas and frame them in terms of hard science that can be measured and evaluated in the real world.

In a field crowded with pop-psychologists flooding the ether with soft, unsubstantiated theories about how psychology can be applied to trading, he’s the real-deal. It is a privilege to work with him”

- Mike Loss YellowTunnel models developer , Chicago, independent quant consultant, formerly with Balyasny Asset Management

“In the very fast and free flow of the Markets, positive and negative, Andrew’s ability to combine his knowledge of the human psyche with his coaching and trading skills, naturally puts his clients at an advantage. Any motivated person willing to embrace the change process resulting from Andrew’s coaching, will have the Guided Edge. Andrew facilitates the unlocking of opportunity and a greater awareness, enabling rapid growth. The tool set he provides follows in logical order and discipline, becoming second nature. Andrew should coach every trader who has the ability to recognize the need for excellence.”

- Paulette van der Merwe, South Africa, independent trader

“If you’re serious about getting to the next level in your trading, Dr. Menaker is the only recommendation I would make. He is the real deal. Because he’s a trader, he’s able to merge psychology and trading. Through his targeted prescriptions (EMwave exercises, books, and 1 on 1 conversations) I experienced a return to my ‘old form.’ I’m incredibly grateful for the time and care he took in helping me sort through the various trading and non-trading issues that were preventing me from achieving peak results.”

~ A.A., Trader and PM. Generated over $500mm on the buy & sell side.

“Andrew, the concepts you talk about make so much sense, and I especially like your realistic approach. And your materials are so clear and practical, I only wish I knew about this earlier. Thank you!”

J .B., customer from New York


“Andrew, I would like to write a testimonial for you. If you don’t want to use it, than don’t use it. But here it is…..

I’ve been around the block, having been a member of the CBOT and an option market maker, trading my own account, and now running my own fund. Running money is stressful, and has become even more stressful in the past few years. I found myself making irrational descisions in an effort to chase performance and suffered as a result. Over the years I’ve read Douglas, Steenbarger, and Kiev and they helped. But when stress increases beyond a certain point I seem to forget everything I’ve read about trading psychology. When you were recommended to me I was resistant to the idea of talking about my troubles with someone else, how can someone else help me make better decisions? I have to say that my doubts are gone. You’ve taught me the importance of self awareness and self management and how that leads to better decisions. But what is most impressive about you in particular is your ability to find the right techniques that fit me best. That’s probably why the trading psych. books I’ve read didn’t help compared to what I’ve received from you. Thank you for your time and attention, it has been most valuable.”

C. R. , Chicago

“Andrew has uncanny insight to what it takes to overcome life’s inevitable obstacles. His superior ability to assist traders extends beyond the markets into deeper self-improvement. His background and knowledge provide a rare basis for not only assisting traders to make a living, but to also understand themselves better. It is not often that one person can be both an effective trading and life coach, as well as a successful trader in the markets. Andrew’s insights and skills are only exceeded by his generosity in assisting others. I grow and improve every week from his comments and discussions. He is someone I am privileged to know and to trade with for the past several years.”

J. H., Denver, CO

Hello Vlad,

I want to THANK YOU for the impressive and wonderful service you provide. You have helped me immensely already, and I’ve just recently become a Tradespoon member. After my first year of trading (and many rookie mistakes as well - powerful learning lessons I grabbed while on the ground), I took some time off of trading to refocus, & look at my journal to analyze my mistakes. I really like the “psychology” aspects you insightfully discuss. I have fallen prey to my own worst enemy - the human psyche- too many times. You’ve already helped me recognize bad trades, and I get out with small losses now to fight another day!

Your service (everything you do) is awesome here, & you have my gratitude.

Thanks again!

Most sincerely,

Tim G.