Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know about YellowTunnel

Our community of traders consist of a wide range of experience, portfolio sizes and trading styles. Our platform is built to serve any self-directed investor, whether just starting out as a novice or a sophisticated trader with years of experience.

Our platform provides a depth of predictive precision that is virtually unmatched for retail investors. This is due to the sophistication of the platform's underlying algorithm, built by YellowTunnel’s founder- Vlad Karpel. Our models take into account options volatility, statistical correlations with indexes and proprietary technical and fundamental analysis conducted in real time, among other factors. We leverage advanced artificial neural networks which constantly self-learn in order to apply the best-fitting models to a particular stock or ETF in order to generate highly accurate signals.

We recommend holding stocks until the target gain or target loss limits are reached. Aggressive Power Trader model is optimized for 1-2 days holding time. Weekly Power Trader is optimized to hold position for 5 -10 days. During live trading room Vlad is looking for 1-2% target gain/stop loss. We recommend that you enter into target limit and stop loss orders when you enter your positions. However, the timing of trades ultimately depends on you and your risk tolerance.

Not necessarily. YellowTunnel is not a portfolio construction service, but rather an idea generation platform. You should seek advice from registered wealth managers to determine how to best construct a portfolio that meets your investment objectives. Owners of smaller portfolios may want to consider hedging their portfolio to ensure that they do not lose a significant amount of a portfolio when the market is in correction. In general, we recommend to calculate portfolio drawdown to determine how many positions are appropriate for your risk tolerance level.

Your satisfaction with the Yellowtunnel platform is 100% guaranteed. If you're not happy with your subscription for any reason, you can cancel within the first 30 days of your initial purchase and receive a full refund. No questions asked.

We would allow 10-20 basis points slippage on our trade signals. For example, on a $50 stock, we would allow $0.05-0.10 slippage. The most important criteria is cash. If you are not overleveraged, you can allow slippage. If you do not have 20% in cash, avoid slippage and wait for the trade to come to you, particularly in a volatile market.

Our tools predict prices for stocks and ETFs up to 10 days, using self-learning algorithms which are part of an artificial neural network. We show you if a stock will be higher or lower by a certain date. Broker dealers can not show you this information because they are regulated and one can interpret this information as advice, which broker dealers cannot legally provide. This is why you will never see a scanner on a registered/regulated entity that will predict prices by a certain date.