Volatility Spikes and China Virus Spreads

Power Trading and Markets – Feburary 02, 2020

Volatility Spikes and China Virus Spreads

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The market has been volatile, and sold of precipitously on Friday on the above average volume.  Rise in $VIX above 20 and above average volume is a sign of last phase of the sell off and I believe the worse part of the sell off is behind us. I expect market volatility to persist as Coronavirus headlines fuel algorithm-related selling and buying. As long as the US Dollar and Treasury prices continue to go higher, equity markets will unable to make new highs.

The market outlook for the next four weeks remains the same. I expect an additional 1-2% correction in the next two weeks and the bull trend to resume by the end of February early March. However, the market has not reached oversold levels yet. I remain bullish on the pullbacks, as long as the market is above/near 50 days MA on SPY. I expect SPY to be range-bound between $320 and $332 for the next 2-4 weeks and the bull market to resume toward the end of February. Please watch $317-320 support levels using SPY.  


 Certainly, the most debatable sector to consider for trades involves China. After a solid rally leading up to and following the signing of the Phase 1 deal, Chinese stocks have undergone a sharp sell-off that has the iShares China Large-Cap ETF (FXI) trading back down to the test its October low of $39.50.

The 52-week low was set at $37.66 back in mid-August when the trade rhetoric was at peak levels. From the 2-year chart below there is clear support at $39 and then below at $38 where FXI has successfully absorbed the selling pressure and rallied off of.

The top 10 holdings are representative of a diversified list of large-cap companies with a heavy emphasis on financials.

China’s GDP was forecast to grow by around 6% for 2020, but the virus outbreak is sure to cut into that growth rate in the first quarter and possibly into the second quarter depending on how fast the Coronavirus can be contained. However, history is on the side of those that buy key markets when there is panic on the streets, and right now there is real fear in China that has that market and the leading ETF on sale.

With that said, my AI indicators are starting to flash buy signals for FXI this week, right into the teeth of the sell-off. This is a compelling trade proposition, the timing of which is key given the fluidity of the situation.

I’m a bull on China for 2020 and believe there is a bullish trade in the making. Stock market history shows that these types of scenarios almost always end in a selling climax followed by a strong rebound in underlying market indexes led by the most influential stocks, one of which is in the spotlight this week.

The best part of the 5G investment theme is that the buildout of 5G networks and the transition of connected devices to 5G is in the early stages. There is a lot of runway for this sector to make traders tremendous profits for the next couple of years.


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Based on the performance of certain China-related stocks prior to the spread of Coronavirus, shares of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. ADR (BABA) were trading best in class of all large-cap stocks. Considered the Amazon.com of China, the company is the go-to e-commerce online shopping mall for businesses and consumers.

Internet retail is sweeping over China and is 1.3 billion shoppers. The company operates in five segments: Core Commerce, Cloud Computing, Digital Media and Entertainment, and Innovation Initiatives. It operates Taobao Marketplace, a mobile commerce destination; Tmall, a third-party platform; Alibaba Health pharmaceutical e-commerce and consumer healthcare platforms; Alimama, a monetization platform; 1688.com, an online wholesale marketplace; Alibaba.com, an online wholesale marketplace; AliExpress, a retail marketplace; Lazada, an e-commerce platform; and Tmall Global, an import e-commerce platform. 

Growth at BABA is exceptional. For 2020, the company is forecast to generate 31% revenue growth to $73.3 billion and grow earnings by 28.3% to $7.16 per share. The company has beaten earnings forecasts for the past four quarters, the most recent third quarter of 2019 coming in at $1.85 per share, well above the $1.50 estimate.

From a technical standpoint, shares of BABA are coming right into the buy zone following a powerful post-trade deal rally that took the stock up to an all-time high of $231.14. As of Friday, the stock was testing

From the 2-year chart below, there is strong support for the stock at $200, just below where the stock currently trades. There is a chance this level will be revisited this week in a capitulation sell-off, presenting a highly attractive entry point.

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