Flash Alert…Buy This 6G Stock!

Flash Alert…Buy This 6G Stock!

Hi everyone, Vlad Karpel here for Yellow Tunnel, an aggressive short-term trading service dedicated to all classes of traders seeking to up their game by leveraging the most cutting-edge AI platform available to retail and professional traders anywhere.

Each week my team and I advance several trading strategies while also helping traders improve their skills, discipline, and most of all, their success rate. Through our efforts, we are generating a consistent stream of profitable trades that is providing real wealth-building     to our members on a daily basis and we have the track record to prove it.


Anyone else getting into petty arguments with their fellow inmates?  My wife and I have argued over the color of zucchini, the 1940 presidential election and whether anyone cares about the color of her nail polish, over the last 30 days, relentlessly. Today was yet another very entertaining discussion regarding universities. With my daughter looking at colleges to attend, we have been bombarded with emails from the universities throughout the country. 

In the new flood of emails, we have been put on notice that many universities are considering going virtual for the first semester of 2020-2021 academic year. My wife cannot comprehend why would one pay for an online university the exorbitant amount these universities charge. Why can't these kids just attend community colleges, while the colleges of their choice are virtually teaching, for fraction of the cost?

I understand the financial aspect, but always presumed that the justification of paying for expensive universities is the education you are receiving, not the fun, college experience one gets while living on their campus. I won't bore you with the rest of our "conversation," I will just leave it at, we agreed to disagree.     

The markets fluctuated between gains and losses on the initial unemployment claims and earnings data while Technology led all sectors to the upside and Energy and Financial sectors led the markets to the downside for the past week.  

"BUY" signal based on the Aggressive Power Trader Portfolio is at $279 level using SPY and "SELL" signal is at $286 for short term traders

Markets are overbought and can potentially sell off 10-15% in the next 2-10 days. I would not chase the markets at these levels. Futures data briefly touched $2885 using SPX June futures. Possible treatment of the virus, talks about restarting of the US economy and GDP data from China are all contributing Friday’s rally.   

Please review the Aggressive Power Trader watch lists.  Monthly predictions have been updated. SPY shows average price for May $264 and July $287.   The model confirms "U" shape recovery.

I expect the market volatility and the three percent daily market moves to persist. At this point, I do believe we have set the bottom (market can overshoot support and resistance levels especially when VIX is high). I believe the worst part of the sell-off     is behind us. Please monitor VIX level as current levels are above historical average. As long as VIX at $40-70 level market can approach the recent lows. My strategy is to aggressively buy any market sell offs (10-15%).

The market (SPY) will trade in the range between $240 and $285 levels for the next 4 weeks. I am still hedging my positions using SPY puts. I believe market will recover back to $290 level sometime during summer as the spread of the virus will slow down in Europe and the rest of the world.

Please follow key support levels on TLT ($142), GLD ($145). As long as these support levels are intact, the market is prone for pull backs.  


With the market overbought, but still getting a green light to push higher in the months ahead, traders should focus heavily on those sectors that have performed best in the most current snapback rally. That would be the semiconductor sector, by a wide margin relative to all other sectors.

The Semiconductor VanEck ETF (SMH) is the go-to ETF that is the favorite of traders looking to trade the sector and the related options. Shares of SMH have retaken their 50 and 200-day moving averages in the latest week, a highly bullish development.

There are several hot names in the ETF with Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) holding the top spot. Taiwan Semi reported earnings this past week that exceeded estimates, which lit a fire under the group, boosting confidence that others will also surprise to the upside.

Looking at SMH through the lens of my algorithms, my AI-powered Seasonal Chart shows that SMH should sell-off     in the next 20 days and then resume its uptrend going out the next 30, 40 and 50 days. It’s a powerful trend     but just overbought in the very short-term. Rest assured, we’ll be trading this sector in the near future and traders that want in on or buy and sell signals should join our Power Trading and Markets service today.

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All the talk of the current 5G rollout for wireless networks is all good and well, but there is now some fresh chatter about the next generation of 6G that will replace 5G around 2030. The technology will be 10 times faster than 5G and make possible full robotic factories, multiple self-driving cars and precision remote surgery.

When surveying all the companies that are making bold claims about their 5G strategies and products for the future, in my view, none holds a candle to wireless chipmaker Qualcomm Communications (QCOM). Based out of San Diego, Qualcomm invented CDMA technology which is the guts of most of the global wireless networks.

The company’s next-generation     Snapdragon chips are going to be installed in the iPhone 12 due out late this year or early next as Apple’s first 5G smartphone offering to its massive customer base. Number two smartphone maker, Samsung, will also be installing Qualcomm chips in their upcoming 5G offerings as well. Sony, LG, Google, Nokia, Xiaomi, OnePlus 6 and HTC.

Whether its Apple or Android software running the smartphone interface, the market for 5G chips belongs to Qualcomm and is why the stock has such a bright future. Shares of QCOM are currently trading around $77 and I am confident the stock is on its way to $150 over the next couple of years. So, trading it should be a very pleasant experience.

If the current rally continues to build on itself, my AI indicators have the stock trading higher over the next 10 days with a potential move to $85, a little more than 10% higher from where it trades. That’s a solid move, and for options     traders, that’s a home run. Be sure to get in on this and other hot trades in the chip sector when I pull the trigger.

Stocks like Qualcomm are like workhorses for trading portfolios. Once you’re on a good name, you don’t have to jump from one name to another as often. Part of successful trading is developing a rhythm with a handful of top-tier stocks that affords high levels of confidence when executing trades. A strong level of familiarity with a stock’s trading behavior is also part of developing successful discipline.

The 1-month chart below shows a nice uptrend for QCOM in a stair-step fashion that is a bullish pattern. The stock gives plenty of opportunities to buy short-term dips.

In our primary trading service Aggressive Power Trader, I direct our subscribers through the “trade decision-making process” with the mindset of being in and out of trades within 24-48 hours with the objective of booking 30%-60% gains against the amount of capital at risk on each and every trade with 75% accuracy.

The major element of this service is that it provides tomorrow’s featured trades the night before so traders can analyze and work on how they might best want to participate. You get to examine stock candidates well ahead of when I’m going to execute my best ideas the next day. It’s my TOP STOCK watch list of trading candidates with the various parameters that I use to trade each trade with defined risk levels, entry points and projected exit prices.

Each day at 8:00 PM and 8:30 AM CST, we provide our Top Bullish and Bearish Stocks, each with an Entry Point and projected exit price. Our signals are meant to last 1-2 days. Below are actual recommendations with parameters found on our Aggressive Power Trader Watch List.

I’m only showing a few stocks and ETFs that made up our Thursday night Watch List, so, there are plenty of trading opportunities in stocks, and ETFs to put to work on a daily basis. There are typically 10-12 trading strategies to consider.

I also post details of our trading activity and updates on the Watch List at the bottom section of our daily blog. So, make sure to stay tuned in that service as well.

Trading Thoughts: consider buying near the "BUY" level with a "10 days prediction" higher than the close price. In our live trading room. I usually hold a position for 1-2 days and allocate no more than 5% of trading capital to any single trade.

I allocate less than 5% of my portfolio if I hold a position overnight. On average, less than 1% of the portfolio should be at risk if you hold a position less than one day. I personally enter a position at predicted LOW (BUY) price or yesterday's close price.  My stop loss is 1% and my target gain is 1% of a stock price. I target 75% accuracy using these signals.

Through the Aggressive Power Trader service, we tie our Tradespoon Live Trading Room to manage the parameters of every trade. And we update our closed positions daily. The two platforms work seamlessly to provide our subscribers with the most robust trading experience available anywhere in the market today.

For those that have followed since inception, our trading instructions to a tee, a $100,000 initial investment when backtested may have grown to over $1.7million dollars. This torrid track record is not produced by hitting a home run from time to time. It’s made possible by being right on every 3 out of 4 trades with an average profit of 24.37% per trade.

Once you’ve become a member of Aggressive Power Trader, I highly encourage you to view the instructional videos on how to best use your membership and participate in live weekly strategy roundtable workshops that are archived in the event that they need to be viewed at a later time.

Our special introductory offer of $17 for the first 30 days should be your first trade of the week ahead. I sense the market is in the final stages of a retest and you’ll want to have our updated recommendations at the ready when it’s time to lean into the next rally.

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Trading thoughts on our trading model:

Within our Aggressive Power Trader trading stock watch list, trades are recommended in our Tradespoon Live Trading Room the next day.

Aggressive Power Trader is purposed to deliver high-visibility sector strength where a cluster of leading stocks are identified, coinciding with what we call a “10-day prediction momentum trade”. When we recommend a stock, ETF, or related option strategy, our time horizon is same-day in-and-out and up to five days max, at which time in the majority of trades, would be closed out.