When will $AAPL pain end? (Not soon enough)

Trading in the month of September is officially over, and the start of Q4 is upon us. As I left my trading desk on Friday, I was looking forward to where October would take us as inflation and the Fed remain at the forefront of the economic world. While away from my trading desk, I was looking forward to a different kind of destination - a trip overseas with my wife and some close friends!

My excitement is off the charts as we gear up for our eagerly awaited adventure to Turkey. The anticipation of exploring this incredible destination with close friends and my wife is simply electrifying. But beyond the sheer thrill of it all, this trip holds the promise of significant historical insight - and perhaps some unexpected financial ones as well!

Our journey will kick off in Istanbul, a city where history seeps from every cobblestone and the air is tinged with the echoes of bygone civilizations. From the iconic Hagia Sophia to the enchanting Blue Mosque, our days will be a delightful dance through centuries of human history.

Yet, the grandeur of Istanbul is just the beginning. We've got our sights set on experiencing a traditional Turkish hammam, where we'll indulge in the age-old art of relaxation, a luxury akin to the peace of mind one seeks in the world of finance.

The real adventure, however, lies in the skies above Cappadocia. A hot air balloon ride promises to take us on a breathtaking journey over otherworldly landscapes, an apt metaphor for the highs and lows of the stock market. As we drift above the whimsical rock formations, it's hard not to think about how trading can be a lot like navigating unpredictable winds.