Boeing: High Flyer or Airline Graveyard?

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This week, comments from the Fed and the latest economic data shifted interest rate and inflation sentiment, and once again traders found themselves scrambling to find an appropriate path forward. As this occurred, I found comfort in something that I have always stressed: trading psychology.

As a trader, it is easy to get caught up in the fast-paced and high-stress environment of the stock market. The pressure to make quick decisions and the fear of missing out can lead to impulsive and emotional trading, resulting in poor investment choices.

Stock Market Trading Psychology: The Importance of Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

Taking several steps to stay in tune with finance news and myself, I look to maximize my knowledge in both fields in order to become the best trader I can be. Reading up on market news, following the latest webinars, and being part of a trading group or forum are instrumental in keeping up with the day-to-day activities it takes to stay on top of the market. But what are you doing to support your trading on a personal level? How are you maintaining your mental health?

For example, I am excited to embark on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, as yoga has been an essential part of my life for the past fifteen years. Through regular practice, I have discovered new muscles, found inner peace, and experienced a sense of flowing energy. I am looking forward to the opportunity to do yoga three times a day, eat healthily, and meditate.

This retreat also presents an opportunity to reflect on the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness in trading psychology. As a trader, it is crucial to be aware of one's thoughts, feelings, and behavior when making investment decisions. Journaling is an excellent tool for promoting self-awareness and reflection.


By keeping a trading journal, you can track your emotions and identify patterns in your trading behavior. Reflecting on your experiences can help you learn from mistakes and develop strategies to avoid repeating them in the future. It is also essential to have a checklist that you review before trading, outlining concrete action items for your trading plan.

Self-awareness is key to successful trading, and it is important to recognize when emotions like boredom, loneliness, or fear of missing out are influencing your decision-making. By observing your thoughts and emotions without judgment, one can identify the underlying reasons for their trading decisions.

Yoga can also be a useful tool for developing self-awareness and mindfulness. By practicing yoga regularly, traders can improve their mental and physical health, leading to greater resilience and overall well-being. Yoga can also help traders develop the discipline and focus needed to stick to their trading plans and avoid impulsive trades.

Self-awareness and mindfulness are crucial for successful trading in the stock market. By incorporating practices like journaling and yoga into your daily routine, you can become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, leading to more informed and rational trading decisions. Therefore, whether you are embarking on a yoga retreat or starting a daily journal, make self-awareness and reflection a part of your trading practice.

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The stock market finished the week in the red, with investors spooked by rising inflation and concerns over interest rates. Stocks tumbled after the Federal Reserve's preferred measure of inflation, the core personal consumption expenditures price index (core PCE), came in much higher than expected in January. The index rose by 4.7% year-over-year, surpassing economists' expectations of 4.3% and December's revised level of 4.6%. The increase is a clear sign that higher prices are entrenched and the Fed will have to be more aggressive in its monetary policy to combat inflation.

Both goods and services prices increased by 0.6% in January compared to the previous month, with food prices up 0.4% and energy prices up 2%. The inflation reading, combined with robust economic data released during the week, increased bets for higher interest rates among traders. This came as several Fed members spoke and reiterated the need for necessary measures to combat inflation.

Alongside PCE data, we also saw several other key economic reports, including retail earnings and the latest Fed minutes. While chip stocks rallied on the back of strong fourth-quarter earnings results and an improved outlook from Nvidia, other companies such as Alibaba, Domino's Pizza, Dutch Bros., Etsy, Moderna, and Planet Fitness saw their stocks move in response to their respective earnings reports. Walmart and Home Depot's quarterly earnings, released this week, painted a weak outlook with subdued expectations for the year.

The Purchasing Managers' Indexes, robust retail sales, and labor market reports have contributed to the narrative that the US economy is resilient. However, investors have become increasingly concerned about rising interest rates, as the Federal Reserve is expected to continue raising them and keep them higher than initially anticipated. The recently released minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee's (FOMC) January 31-February 1 meeting shed further light on the endgame for interest rate hikes, with several officials predicting a slowdown in the federal funds rate as inflation cools.

The market has priced in two more 25-basis-point rate hikes for 2023, with a possibility of a third at the June meeting. It is crucial for investors to monitor economic indicators and Fed policy announcements carefully in these uncertain times.

The core PCE's faster-than-expected growth is a worrying indicator for investors already nervous about stubbornly rising prices. The increase in the core PCE deflator for December, which was initially reported as 4.4%, has been revised to 4.6%, showing that price growth at the end of last year was hotter than previously thought. The rise in the index is a clear sign that the central bank may have to be more aggressive than anticipated on monetary policy to combat inflation.

While some investors may be optimistic about the U.S. economy's resilience, concerns over interest rates and inflation are causing volatility in the stock market. The disconnect between the bond, currency, and equity markets is a cause for concern for some market analysts. It remains to be seen how long the current economic conditions will last, especially with the U.S. dollar strengthening in February and the two-year yield at a 52-week high.

Investors may want to adopt a market-neutral stance until the next earnings season starts. While the current pullback may be capped at the 200- and 50-day moving averages, it is important to note that revenue numbers for S&P 500 companies may have to be revised down, which is not yet factored into current market levels.

Looking at our A.I. data, I am seeing several signals I encourage readers to monitor. The $VIX is trading near the $22 level after an up-and-down week. The earnings of $BABA, $NVDA, and $ETSY this week—as well as the PCE Data—have influenced the latest move in the market. I am watching the overhead resistance levels in the SPY, which are presently at $408 and then $418. The support for the $SPY is at $400 and then $390.

I anticipate that the market will trade sideways for the next 2–8 weeks, which is why I would suggest investors stay market neutral in their positions. That said, it's important to protect oneself by hedging investments during this time frame as well. See the $SPY Seasonal Chart:


Overall, it is important to keep a close eye on economic indicators and Federal policy announcements in the coming weeks, as the bear market may continue this year. With this in mind, I have identified a specific sector and symbol from which I will be looking to profit in the coming days.


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Based on our analysis of the current market conditions, we have identified an ETF that presents a promising opportunity for investment in the coming days.

The Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLI) is an exchange-traded fund that aims to track the performance of companies in the industrial sector of the S&P 500 index. XLI provides investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of companies engaged in industries such as aerospace and defense, machinery, construction, and transportation. This ETF allows investors to gain broad exposure to the industrial sector with a single investment, making it a popular choice for those seeking diversified exposure to this segment of the economy.

Investing in XLI could be a good choice for those looking for exposure to the industrial sector. With a diverse portfolio of companies spanning various industries, including aerospace, defense, construction, machinery, and transportation, XLI provides investors with a way to invest in a broad range of industrial companies. Additionally, the ETF has a relatively low expense ratio and has shown consistent growth over the years, making it an attractive option for short and long-term investors.

Looking at our Stock Forecast Toolbox 10-day forecast for XLI, we see several encouraging signals. XLI has a model grade of "A", indicating it is in the top 10% for accuracy in our data universe. Additionally, the symbol is showing a positive and steady vector trend towards the upside within the first few days of next week, which could change to even more vectors pointing toward the upside when updated on Monday.

When reviewing our Seasonal Chart for XLI, we see that all four-time frames are flashing a higher forecast, which aligns with our expectation of the symbol looking ahead. This tool is ideal for long-term forecasts and, as we have stated above, XLI appears to be in a good position for both long and short-term investors. See $XLI Seasonal Chart:


If XLI is to have a successful run, then we ought to capitalize on a symbol that will also ride this wave.

TRADE OF THE WEEK - Boeing: High Flyer!

The Boeing Company (BA) is a global leader in the aerospace industry, providing innovative and cutting-edge products and services. The company operates in several segments, including Commercial Airplanes, Defence, Space & Security, and Global Services. With a long history of successful innovation and a strong market position, Boeing stock presents a solid investment opportunity at its current price.

Sitting at around $199, Boeing has sold off in recent days and offers a discount opportunity on the stock symbol, which had a good end to 2022 and a solid start to 2023, only to falter lately. With a 52-week range of $113-$221, Boeing is showing that the stock has room for upside. In addition, the company is poised to benefit from a recovering aviation industry and increasing demand for its defense products.


When plugged into our Seasonal Charts tool, BA is showing the initial two time frames going higher and a wide gap between the annual seasonal price and the current price. These two indicators, along with our reading of XLI and the current market conditions, offer us a good sense of where this symbol could go. See $BA Seasonal Chart:


Overall, Boeing stock is a promising option for investors looking for a stable and potentially lucrative investment in the aerospace sector.

This week, I’ll be adding $BA to my portfolio!

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One more thing, I've had the opportunity to take additional action with a great organization supporting families in Ukraine directly. is a foundation where fundraising is held for specific families, allocating funds to multiple families currently living in Ukraine. I am on the board of directors for this great initiative and encourage everyone to check it out and donate if possible. The war in Ukraine is escalating and families are being negatively impacted and displaced daily. To learn more about this initiative to help families, please see the link below:

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