Vlad's Best Trade: Short Circuit QQQ

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September is upon us, which means Q3 is coming to an end and the next Federal Open Market Committee meeting is right around the corner. Last week, Fed Chair Jerome Powell's comments at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium sent shockwaves through the markets as the Fed reinforced what many expected: interest rate hikes will continue and the Fed will do anything within its means to fight inflation. Most of the week was spent reacting to the announcement, which shifted market sentiment and triggered several selloffs. 

As we continue feeling the response in the market to the marquee event, I am reminded that while we are always connected to our past -- be it reacting, reflecting, or rejecting it– it is more important to be aware of what's ahead.

What's ahead in the market is the latest employment data, the latest Beige Book, and additional inflation reports. What's ahead at home is a much-needed trip and reset.

Over the Labor Day holiday, my wife and I, as well as a group of close friends, headed out to Croatia. While summer was filled with activities for the kids, as we sent them off to school, and before fall really kicked into gear, we decided to take a trip to somewhere we've always discussed.

Beautiful vistas, a unique culinary experience, and quality time with lifelong friends were just what the doctor ordered. We made plans to jet ski, sightsee in Split and Zagreb, and, what we were looking forward to the most, truffle hunting!

As I kept my focus on the market this past week, I was also looking ahead to spending this time overseas with friends I've had since high school. Our group friends, which have been together for over 20 years, have built up many memories and strengthened connections, and continue to do so every year!

I've made it a priority to stay in touch with them, and feel lucky that they did the same with me! As I grow older, I realize how hard it is to make new friends, and even how easy it is to lose them. Having this trip with people I've known since my teens reminds me of the power of compounding investment -- something I strongly believe in with trading.