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Another week is in the books. As I alluded to last week, following the market close, I took my son on a fishing trip over the weekend. We went up to Michigan and spent some time on the lake, waking up early and casting our rods, setting up campfires at night. We had a great time and even got to go out on a boat for some deep-lake fishing. Our captain took us far into Lake Michigan, using an electronic fish finder, to the perfect spot. The sun was out, not a cloud in sight, and supposedly there were fish right below us. Unfortunately, the only thing that was not perfect was that we did not catch a single fish that day.

We scanned the fishfinder and saw plenty of activity below us, but not a single nibble. We waited for hours, chatting with the captain and checking our lines occasionally. At the end of the day, we returned to shore just as we had left- fishless. Our captain, however, could not let us leave empty-handed. Before departing, he showed us his haul from the previous day. In that same spot, he was able to reel in fish after fish. So before we departed, the captain gave us a salmon and a walleye. We were elated.

Although the fish were not caught by our rods, we felt fulfilled by our morning fishing trip. We spent the day on the lake, got to learn about a new type of fishing, cast actual deep-sea rods, and exchanged stories with a real sea captain. And then came home with two beautiful fish! That night, we made a campfire and successfully cooked fish soup over the open flames. Not once did my son seem bothered by the fact we did not catch a fish that day. Perhaps it was the perfect fishing spot even if we didn't catch anything.

On the lake, our captain stressed the importance of patience. Some days he'd come out to the lake and spend hours before his rods would even register a bite. Likewise, he expressed the importance of getting up early, the early bird gets the worm, and in this case, the fish! The more time he'd give himself on the lake, the better his chances were of finding some properly hungry fish. And finally, the unpredictable nature of luck will play in all of this. While you can't account for the last one, the first two you certainly can. And that is something I also adhere to when trading. While some things you cannot predict or control, the things you can are the ones you should focus on. We did our best on the lake and together made great long-term memories.

When I returned to my computer and portfolio on Monday, I looked for the things I could control and focused on doing them the best I could. This included responding to the latest earnings and economic reports which continue to dictate market movement at the moment.

This is exactly what we did during my most recent Strategy Roundtable, which takes place weekly on YellowTunnel. It might be difficult to keep track of everything in the market, especially if you're going through it all alone. That is why I encourage you to join a trading community where you may interact and analyze with others. I recommend checking out our latest Roundtable webinar in its entirety below:

How To Trade a Bear Market Strategy Roundtable

This week, the market was supported by good or optimistic earnings and opposed by mounting indications of price inflation and recession.

After a much stronger-than-expected employment reading in July bolstered expectations for the Federal Reserve to continue aggressively raising interest rates in order to curb inflation, U.S. equities somewhat surprisingly fell late Friday.

The United States created over 528,000 new employment in July, and the jobless rate fell to pre-pandemic levels. Estimates for the month neared 300,000 but were easily surpassed. The jobless rate dropped to 3.5% from 3.6%, while hourly earnings increased 15 cents, or 0.5%, to $32.27. While strong employment is traditionally an indicator of a strong economy, the robust report could stoke inflation fears and push borrowing costs even higher, some analysts fear.

Elsewhere, earnings continued to impress with companies like Moderna, PayPal, and Starbucks seeing shares soar behind strong reports. For the most part, major name quarterly reports are behind us. Coinbase, Disney, and Spirit Airlines are some of the remaining major names still due to report next week. Also, next week, watch out for the latest core CPI data release.

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As of Friday, the 5-day chart shows the $SPY was trading 0.65% higher, just over $411. The S&P 500 sold off slightly on Friday following the impressive July employment report. Oil sold off while gold traded higher to end the week. European markets closed in the red while Asian markets moved higher on Friday.

The $DXY marginally rose on Friday, near the $106 level, whereas the $TLT sold off throughout the week and continued to do so on Friday, finishing near the $116 mark.

I am under the impression the market is overbought, as several indicators allude to, and I believe the market is building a top that can make marginal highs but risks a large downside. I expect the top building to occur for one to four weeks but the sell-off will resume sooner rather than later.

As I've previously stated, I believe this is a short-term rally in a bear market. I am expecting the rally to come to an end as soon as this month and the bear market to resume downward momentum into the September-October time frame.

The buck has begun to recover from its recent decline, suggesting that the current rally is coming to an end. As we saw today, employment data sparked volatility and we will likely see additional volatility next week sparked by CPI and PPI inflation data.

With revived volatility in the market, I encourage users not to chase the market and sell into the rallies. At this time I have a net bearish portfolio.

The 10-year yield broke 2.7% and reached the 2.5% level. As the yield curve inversion continues to accelerate, I am going to sell Banks and hedge my portfolio from further downside risk.

Looking at the latest market conditions, I'd be a seller into the rally and have a NEUTRAL portfolio right now. The market is currently overbought and is top building.

The "BUY" signal based on the Aggressive Power Trader Portfolio is at the $406 and then $401 level using SPY and the "SELL" signal is at $420 and then $430.

Consider selling premium if you're trading options. November and December expiration dates are ideal for selling premium.


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I follow the market closely and one sector, in my opinion, is primed for a good run. I am also seeing several trends that support my view and will likely make a move as soon as the coming week. As the market continues to build a top, I see no indication that the bear market is behind us. 

This rally, supported by the Fed decision and strong earnings reports, presents an interesting scenario for traders going into the month of August.