Vlad's Propriety AI Search: Google (Best Trade)

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Reporting from Croatia, it was another week of mild market swings and Fed speculation that ultimately concluded with all three major U.S. indices booking their first weekly gains in four weeks. As my Croatian vacation concludes, I am looking back at all that occurred this past week, as well as what's in store ahead.

The release of the Beige Book, additional comments from Fed officials, and the European Central Bank decision dominated market headlines this week as we prepare for next week's CPI data, as well as the end of the month's Federal Open Market Committee meeting. In Croatia, we continued our end-of-summer vacation by visiting some of the most unique locations I have ever seen. Going from Split to Hvar, then to Korčula and Brač, we were able to experience the islands of Croatia firsthand.

We sailed on a boat, checking out each location over a period of days that had us visiting several, extremely well preserved, 15th and 16th-century castles. Venetian influence was prominent and the cuisine was superb (highlights included some of the best fish soup and risotto I have ever had.) But one of my personal favorite moments was something I would have never expected, nor could have ever planned for.