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Some slight profit-taking showed up late in the week following a very powerful move pre-an-post Christmas weekend. Early December was marked in sharp contrast where selling pressure pushed the S&P down by 5% and the Nasdaq by 7% on Omicron fears but was viewed as a buying opportunity that has characterized the entire year. The high level of liquidity and the narrative of “there is no alternative” is keeping an unshakable and steady bid under the market that has defined the primary bull trend. 

This year will go down as one of the most difficult times in recent American history for the U.S. and the rest of the world that had to contend with three variants of Covid-19 and all the ways this deadly virus impacted our lives. As of this week, the CDC has shortened the quarantine time to 5 days from 10 days and Dr. Fauci went on record Wednesday during a CNBC interview saying he thinks the Omicron variant will start to burn out by the end of January. 

This is the first time where there is a consensus that the pandemic might be coming to the point of minimal risk and a broader return to normalcy for society. This change of tone to one of more optimism is a major shift and very bullish for market sentiment if, in fact, this scenario plays out. Assuming it does, as it did in South Africa, where Omicron burned out in 25 days, then whatever pull back the market provides in early January should be bought. 

The Santa Claus rally is defined as the five trading days between Christmas and New Year’s Day – and true to form – investors have been treated to a year-end textbook rally, even if only on light volume. It’s been a wonderful ending to a challenging year and yet, there is a rainbow of getting back to life as we know after the storms of Covid-19 have passed. With a lot of hope and a little luck, the pandemic might be over in a few months. If so, even the Fed’s tapering and rate hikes won’t deter the bulls.


The rally this week put the market in a short-term overbought condition. Strong upward price moves on holiday-light volume is a textbook set up for a brief pullback sometime in very early January, which is offset by first-of-the-year pension funding. Many times, when there is a robust Santa Claus rally, the first few trading days of January are where stock prices will back and fill. This would fit the historical pattern to a tee next week. 

The $SPY continued to trade higher and closed at the all-time high at $477, closed flat. The value/reflationary stocks traded lower but right near their all-time high. The technology closed flat and right below the all-time high.

The $DXY pulled back and closed below $96 above the key breakout level of $94.5. The $TLT pulled back at $148 and right at the 50-days moving average. The $VIX traded lower, back to the 17 levels. 

The $SPY short-term support level is at $472, followed by $466. The SPY overhead resistance is at $485. The short-term market is overbought and due for a shallow pullback.


I would consider starting accumulating reflationary/values stocks ($XME, $XLI, $XLF, $XLB, and $XLE).   I expect the market to have shallow pullbacks and continue to make new highs.    

I would consider rebalancing my portfolio at this time and have an overall bullish portfolio.  If you are trading options consider selling premium with February and March expiration dates. 

"BUY" signal based on the Aggressive Power Trader Portfolio for tomorrow is at $472 level using SPY and the  "SELL" signal is at $478 for short-term traders.  

Based on our models, the market (SPY) will trade in the range between $450 and $490 for the next 2-4 weeks.    


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How To Use Our Signals

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Few subscribers asked about Options trading using the signals provided. Please review live trading room recordings. I often sell OTM credit put spread using weekly options and collect 0.5% using stock price. For example, if the stock is trading at $100, I would sell OTM put (strike less than 100) with option BID price close to $0.5.



Earnings Season starts January 13th and the first to announce its earnings is JP Morgan. 

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There is some noticeable sector rotation taking place where traders are positioning their capital in more inflationary-sensitive stocks and ETFs. Bond yields popped higher this week following a $56 billion 7-year Treasury auction that was met with week demand, sending the 10-year T-Note yield up to 1.5%. The selling pressure in the bond market prompted some fresh buying in the commodities space where I want to steer our focus. 

To this point, shares of the SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETF (XME) are poised to start 2022 as one of the sectors that are highly attractive for trading from the long side. The top ten holdings in XME make up just over 46% of total assets, led by rare earth mining company MP Materials Corp. (MP). 

image.pngFrom a technical standpoint, XME has been building a base for the past seven months. The 20, 50, and 200-day moving averages are all converging at $43-$44, typically resulting in a powerful upside breakout.



One of the dominant investment themes in 2021 that is only going to get much louder in 2022 is that of electric vehicles. While Tesla has dominated the EV story for some time, there will be a whole host of new EVs coming to market for delivery in 2022, led by Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lucid, Rivian, and others.

The EV revolution is here and competition is about to heat up in a big way, making the business of picking winners and losers more complicated for traders. However, what every EV has to have to come off the assembly line is copper. 

“Copper is a major component in EVs used in electric motors, batteries, inverters, wiring, and in charging stations. A pure electric vehicle can contain more than a mile of copper wiring in its stator windings. ... The demand for copper due to electric vehicles is expected to increase by 1,700 kilotons by 2027.” Source: 

This brings me to our trade of the week – Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX). As one of the leading copper producers in the world, Freeport is in an enviable position to enjoy some bullish tailwinds in 2022 and well beyond. Current copper prices are around $4.45 per pound and have been so for about the past six months as auto production has been hampered by the global chip shortage.

As this bottleneck becomes less of an obstacle in the months ahead and infrastructure projects start breaking ground, we should see copper prices start to challenge $5 per pound and push higher. Shares of FCX are already starting to price in this future demand and are emerging from a basing pattern that is looking very bullish.


Applying the Forecast Toolbox, we get a solid Model Grade “C” rating and an upside Predicted Resistance price target of $44.55 for the next ten days. From a short-term trading standpoint, that is a very reliable and compelling setup trade for both stock and options traders, with the stock trading at $41.65.


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