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In the midst of the everyday hustle, there come those moments that light up our lives like fireworks in the night sky – moments that remind us what truly matters. In my world, it's my family that does this for me, and with August we celebrate a unique intertwining of birthdays that ignites the spark of joy.

You see, in our home, there's a remarkable alignment: my wife's birthday and our youngest son's special day are separated by just two short days. Now, when it comes to birthdays, sharing isn't exactly my wife's favorite idea – especially with her Leo spirit shining bright. But just wait, the stars align even further – our anniversary also joined the party, taking place on David’s birthday, making this stretch a celebration trifecta.

For my wife, making David's birthday unforgettable has become a labor of love. She pulls out all the stops, conjuring surprises that leave us all grinning from ear to ear. Picture water slides shaped like swashbuckling pirate ships, an ice cream truck that makes our taste buds dance, and the grand finale – a movie night under the open sky, with a massive inflatable screen that turns our backyard into a cinema paradise.

Amid the laughter, the hugs, and the shared joy, David's voice rings out year after year, "This is the best birthday ever!" His excitement, boundless and contagious, fills our home with warmth that lingers well beyond the final credits.

In these moments, watching my wife, son, and the rest of our family come together in happiness, I can't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude. It's a recharge for the soul, a reminder of what truly matters in life. And that feeling, that connection, carries me through my week, making me more focused at my trading desk and eagerly anticipating the moments with my loved ones.

As I think about this juggling act of life, it's clear that there's a parallel with the unpredictable rhythms of the financial world. Just as we fill up our hearts during these celebrations, it's crucial to find that pause, that moment to reflect and reenergize, within the world of finance. Taking a step back to appreciate, realign, and face the challenges head-on can bring about remarkable results.

So, as this weekend approaches, I want to encourage each of you to hold onto the gift of time – time spent with your children, dear friends, and cherished family. Let the laughter, the stories, and the love serve as your own personal fuel, driving you to face the dynamic nature of the market with renewed determination.

Ultimately, life is about stitching together these moments. Just as we revel in the milestones of our personal lives, let's also recognize the significance of those milestones within our financial journey. May your days be filled with gratitude, and may your financial path lead you to not only success but to moments of joy that remind you of what truly matters.

Recent Trade Review

This week, our Profit Accelerator Trader service helped us seize the right opportunities at the right time with Eli Lilly and Company ($LLY). As some of you might have already caught in our live trading room, the stage was set when LLY caught the attention of our PAT model.

Eli Lilly and Company, a prominent name in the healthcare sector, presented itself as an intriguing trading prospect. Guided by the insights of our Profit Accelerator Trader service, we were able to leverage these prospects and explore the potential that $LLY had to offer.

The results were indeed promising. By strategically entering and exiting positions based on the signals provided by our Profit Accelerator Trader service, we were able to turn insights into tangible profits. The $LLY trade showcased the effectiveness of our approach in action, underscoring the potential that can be harnessed with informed decision-making.

For those who missed out on the live trading room action, fear not – we've got you covered. You can catch up on the entire process, from analysis to execution, by checking out the recording of the live trading room session on Wednesday. Follow this link to access the recording and get an insider's view of our strategy in action.

One significant distinction between our paid services and the free ones is the ability to receive real-time SMS messages. These messages play a crucial role in guiding you to make timely entry and exit decisions. This element of immediacy can often be the difference between capitalizing on a lucrative opportunity and missing out.

Stay tuned for more insights, updates, and opportunities as we continue our journey in the market. And remember, in the world of trading, it's not just about spotting opportunities; it's about seizing them at the right moment.


Let's delve into the recent events that have been shaping the current trading landscape and influencing market movements. As we progress through August, major stock indexes find themselves grappling with weekly losses, contributing to what could be one of the toughest Augusts for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite in recent years. The month's trajectory suggests a test of resilience for these indices.

This week witnessed a flurry of significant developments. The release of July's Federal Reserve minutes, coupled with earnings releases from major retailers, took center stage. Against this backdrop, concerns about China's economic struggles loomed large, casting a shadow on market sentiment.

Amidst these fluctuations, the Dow Jones Industrial Average put up a fight to rebound, with a marginal gain of less than 0.1%, yet unable to counter its most significant weekly decline since March. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 encountered a tougher struggle, marking their third consecutive week of losses, an unusual trend following months of unbroken growth. The S&P 500's 5.2% August dip risks halting its five-month winning streak, while the Nasdaq Composite's 8% drop and the Dow Jones Industrial Average's 3.3% decline jeopardize their respective streaks.

Tech stocks, often drivers of market sentiment, led the market lower on a day marked by stock opening losses. As high yields continued to pose challenges, longer-dated Treasury bonds displayed a slower ascent but remained perched at historically high levels. The 10-year Treasury bond's yield sat at 4.268%, and the 30-year yield was at 4.393%.

Amid these yield fluctuations, all eyes turned toward Chair Powell's upcoming remarks at Jackson Hole. His insights might signal the potential for yield shifts. The market remains poised for any indications that the Fed might delay further actions in the face of cooling inflation.

One of this week’s biggest movers extended to the healthcare sector, where CVS Health experienced an 8.1% decline due to significant changes in partnership dynamics. Blue Shield of California's decision to sever ties with CVS's Caremark triggered a ripple effect, propelling Amazon.com into the spotlight as a potential contender in at-home drug delivery services. This shift echoed throughout the sector, with CVS emerging as the weakest performer in the S&P 500.

Also this week, the spotlight shines on the financial sector as Moodys' downgrade of regional banks garners attention, sparking discussions about potential repercussions. Simultaneously, all eyes are on the impending retail data release, providing a critical glimpse into consumer sentiment and spending patterns.

One noteworthy development from last week that has continued is the unexpected rally of the U.S. Dollar Index ($DXY), reflecting its resilience in the face of uncertainty. In parallel, longer-dated Treasury yields are making significant moves, testing October highs. The rapid ascent raises questions about its implications for the broader financial landscape.

Across the board, we observe trends of contraction in Europe, small caps, technology, regional banks, and cyclicals. The recent performance of technology and the $SPY index highlights a shift as both break their uptrend and trade below the 50-day moving average. This transformation underscores the evolving sentiment and its potential impact on future trajectories.

Likewise, as China navigates economic challenges, indications of potential deflation emerge. Microeconomic data points to a possible lost decade of growth, a scenario that draws comparisons to Japan's historical trajectory. The decline in imports and exports further underscores the complexity of China's economic path and its potential global ramifications.

Finally, in a landscape characterized by fluctuating dynamics and potential recession avoidance, market experts cautiously foresee a path forward. While anticipating heightened volatility in the months ahead, projections for the SPY rally boundary range from $450 to $470, revealing a sense of optimism amid uncertainty. Additionally, short-term support levels between 400 and 430 offer a potential guide for maneuvering through the upcoming phases. For reference, the SPY Seasonal Chart is shown below:

Amidst these fluctuations and challenges, the market landscape continues to evolve. Adaptability becomes a vital trait, especially as AI stocks' potential and global economic indicators loom large. To navigate this terrain, a balanced approach is essential – one that embraces opportunities while being vigilant about potential risks.

As we navigate the weeks ahead, remember that insight, flexibility, and an in-depth understanding of market dynamics are your allies. In this ever-changing landscape, your ability to synthesize information, adjust strategies, and seize opportunities will be key to your trading success. With YellowTunnel, our aim is to aid in this process with the help of high-end artificial intelligence - and our A.I. has discovered its latest symbol of the week.


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In the current market landscape, strategic sector analysis becomes crucial for traders and investors seeking to capitalize on emerging opportunities. As we closely examine the ongoing shifts, it's evident that certain sectors are facing headwinds that warrant a closer look. Let's delve into a specific sector that's drawing attention and explore why a selling strategy might be prudent in this context.

One sector that has garnered significant interest is the Chinese large-cap sector, epitomized by the iShares China Large-Cap ETF (FXI). This ETF tracks the performance of the FTSE China 50 Index, comprising the top 50 Chinese companies by market capitalization. However, recent developments suggest that it might be a timely opportunity to consider a selling strategy for FXI.

The iShares China Large-Cap ETF (FXI) has long been a go-to choice for investors seeking exposure to China's prominent companies. It encompasses a diverse array of sectors, including financials, technology, and consumer goods, providing a broad insight into the Chinese economy. With a focus on large-cap companies, FXI offers a snapshot of the upper echelon of China's corporate landscape.

While FXI has historically been a favored choice, the current market dynamics warrant a closer evaluation - and our A.I. data, as seen above, agrees. As we've highlighted in our earlier analysis, ongoing economic challenges in China's default on payments by major landers, and potential deflationary pressures raise concerns about the broader Chinese economic outlook. These factors can reverberate throughout various sectors, including those represented in FXI's portfolio.

Additionally, the decline in imports and exports underscores the global impact of China's economic struggles. Given that FXI represents a cross-section of China's largest companies, it becomes imperative to weigh these factors when considering investment decisions.

The strategic choice of when to sell is as vital as when to buy. Evaluating sector-specific trends, coupled with a macroeconomic view, empowers traders and investors to make informed decisions. In the case of FXI, it's important to factor in the challenges facing China's economy and the potential implications for its largest companies. By staying attuned to these dynamics, one can position themselves to seize opportunities in an ever-evolving market landscape. With this in mind, I have identified the perfect symbol for the upcoming week that fits this billing.

TRADE OF THE WEEK - $Tesla: Fuhgeddaboudit

This week's featured trade centers around an intriguing prospect: shorting Tesla using the Direxion Daily TSLA Bear 1X Shares (TSLS) ETF. 

The Direxion Daily TSLA Bear 1X Shares (TSLS) is an inverse exchange-traded fund designed to provide a 1x inverse exposure to the daily performance of Tesla, Inc. This ETF offers traders a straightforward way to capitalize on downside movements in Tesla's stock.

Our earlier analysis illuminated notable market trends, from escalating competition in the electric vehicle sector to macroeconomic concerns affecting global economies. These factors collectively shape the performance of individual stocks, including industry giants like Tesla. The electric vehicle landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with both traditional automakers and new entrants vying for market share. This heightened competition introduces new challenges that could potentially impact Tesla's growth trajectory.

Furthermore, considering the economic uncertainties observed in China and the implications for the global economy, it's essential to evaluate how these variables might reverberate throughout the stock market.

In this context, utilizing the Direxion Daily TSLA Bear 1X Shares (TSLS) to short Tesla becomes an intriguing proposition. By harnessing the inverse correlation of the ETF to Tesla's daily performance, traders can potentially profit from downside moves in the company's stock. Our A.I. data is showing plenty of upside with TSLS and room to grow.

As we navigate the intricate web of trading, strategic decision-making rests on a foundation of comprehensive research and calculated analysis. Yellowtunnel offers a valuable resource for traders seeking to navigate the complexities of the market and make informed decisions, such as timing a profitable short on Tesla. With its live trading room, educational resources, and expert analysis, Yellowtunnel provides a comprehensive platform to stay updated on market trends, sectoral shifts, and emerging opportunities. By leveraging the insights and strategies shared within the YellowTunnel community, traders can gain the knowledge and tools needed to assess the right timing for shorting Tesla, ensuring a calculated approach that aligns with their trading goals. 

This week, I’ll be adding $TSLS to my portfolio!

Stay at the forefront of the investment game by arming yourself with knowledge and insight. Embrace the power of informed decisions and keep your finger on the pulse of market trends and breaking news, allowing you to expertly navigate the dynamic and ever-changing financial terrain.

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One more thing, I've had the opportunity to take additional action with a great organization supporting families in Ukraine directly. Gate.org is a foundation where fundraising is held for specific families, allocating funds to multiple families currently living in Ukraine. I am on the board of directors for this great initiative and encourage everyone to check it out and donate if possible. The war in Ukraine is escalating and families are being negatively impacted and displaced daily. To learn more about this initiative to help families, please see the link below:


Wishing you a week filled with resilience, growth, and prosperous opportunities!