Heads Up! $PSQ to Fly ($QQQ to Drop)

In the latest chapter of our puppy’s training, we continue our enchanting journey with our beloved Australian Labradoodle, Luna. What began as a heartwarming ‘tale’ has taken a fascinating coincidence, a metaphorical parallel between Luna's captivating adventures and the intricate world of trading and finance.

In last week’s issue, I introduced Luna, the newest addition to our family, and delved into the pivotal lessons of patience and the art of resisting immediate gratification.

My enthusiasm to impart a plethora of tricks upon Luna all at once had unintended consequences – a stressed-out pup. Recognizing the need for guidance, I sought the expertise of a personal dog trainer and started enticing Luna with treats. To my surprise, the dog trainer is actually training me on how to work with Luna.

Then came my transformative second session. Here, the coach underscored the virtues of patience and the gradual cultivation of trust. Just like Luna, we must patiently wait for opportunities and engage in a strategic tug-of-war with our aspirations, ensuring they don't elude us in the rush. 

After the coach's departure, I conscientiously embraced this approach, and, almost miraculously, Luna started favoring my company and allowed me to connect with her on a better level.

The lesson was undeniably clear: whether in the realm of companionship with our four-legged friend or the pursuit of financial success, Luna and I thrived under professional guidance and patient coaching

Consider this: just as Luna and I flourished with the guidance of dedicated professional coaching, you can also enjoy the advantages in your financial endeavors. Our highly recommended one-on-one trading coach mirrors Luna's trainer in many ways; they both possess the knowledge to unlock hidden potential. While markets may not offer tangible treats, they unquestionably have the ability to reward you with profits – the type that can nourish the growth of your wealth.

When you engage in our one-on-one coaching, you gain a personal ally who can provide expert insights, tailor strategies to your specific needs, and help you navigate the intricate world of finance. Just as Luna's training evolved with professional guidance, your financial journey can experience significant improvement with personalized coaching. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the world of one-on-one coaching, which can enhance your financial well-being. Learn more about our coaching services here and take the first step toward achieving your financial goals.

In the complex world of finance, it's common to pursue quick wins and immediate profits, much like my initial approach with Luna. However, Luna's transformation serves as a powerful reminder of a fundamental truth: With the right guidance and a steadfast commitment to patience, achieving exceptional results becomes entirely achievable.

So, keep an eye on this finance newsletter for valuable insights into the latest market conditions and our latest PTM symbol. Just as the principles of patience, guidance, and sound strategies transformed our bond, they have the potential to do the same for your financial success. While the markets may not shower you with unwavering affection, they can certainly reveal their profit potential – a path toward a more prosperous and secure future.

Our expert coaches can help you navigate the financial terrain and make well-informed decisions to grow your wealth. For personalized coaching and guidance tailored to your financial journey, explore our one-on-one coaching services:

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Recent Trade Review

In our ongoing journey through the dynamic world of trading, we recently undertook a significant trade, shorting $QQQ (Invesco QQQ Trust). This trade, sourced from our Dynamic Power Trader (DPT) services during our latest live trading room, exemplifies the invaluable edge that YellowTunnel provides to our clients.

Our decision to short $QQQ was a calculated one, guided by the insights and analysis offered by our A.I.-sourced DPT services. The DPT model identified a shorting opportunity, indicating the potential for a downturn in $QQQ's performance. This decision illustrates how YellowTunnel's premium services offer a competitive advantage in the market.

What sets our premium services apart is the timeliness of information delivery. Unlike free services, our premium clients receive real-time SMS alerts, ensuring they are well-informed and can act swiftly when opportunities arise. For an in-depth analysis of this trade, we invite you to review our live trading room recording from last Wednesday.

This latest trade, as one of many we execute daily in our live trading room, underscores the importance of leveraging YellowTunnel's expertise in today's fast-paced market. Our commitment to delivering expert analysis, real-time alerts, and powerful tools empowers our clients to make informed decisions and manage risk effectively. With YellowTunnel by your side, you're not just trading; you're trading smarter, and that can make all the difference in achieving financial success.


The recent shifts in the trading landscape paint a dynamic picture, marked by a blend of optimism and uncertainty. Despite Friday's attempt at recovery, the week's losses have left the three major indexes poised for a weekly decline, echoing the historical challenge of September in the markets.

A pivotal moment in this shift was the release of better-than-expected services ISM data, acting as a catalyst for a market pullback. All eyes are now on the upcoming CPI data release, an event that promises to offer crucial insights into the market's future trajectory.

Adding to the complexity, the Dollar Index (DXY) has been embarking on a relentless rally, and yields on longer-dated Treasury bonds are soaring, revisiting October highs. Notably, China has responded to its own economic pressures with stimulus measures, including interest rate cuts on mortgages and tax reductions.

This sequence of events sparks a critical debate: Can inflation data ascend to the coveted 2% level without the looming specter of a recession and an uptick in unemployment numbers? Historically, such an outcome has been a rarity, underlining the intricacies of our current economic landscape.

As we navigate these uncertain waters, some notable shifts in market sentiment are emerging. A transition towards a market-neutral stance is underway, driven by economic data that suggests a low probability of recession. This shift in perspective prompts reflection on the SPY rally, which may have a ceiling around the $450-470 range. Short-term support is seen within the range of 400-430 for the coming months. For reference, the SPY Seasonal Chart is shown below:

The current market trajectory indicates potential for a downside correction, with a retest of August lows already in motion. Examination of IWM, KRE, and XRT charts strongly hints that cyclicals may be on the verge of breaking below August lows.

In the wake of these market shifts, certain sectors have exhibited notable weaknesses. European stocks, small caps, technology, cyclicals (including energy), and regional banks have faced headwinds. The tech sector, once a market darling, grapples with new restrictions on iPhone use by Chinese government officials, which have caused tech stocks to tumble, raising concerns about potential limitations on other tech companies.

The specter of future interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve looms large over investors' minds. There are persistent fears that the central bank might maintain its aggressive monetary policy stance, especially in light of robust economic data, including a decline in jobless claims. The uncertainty surrounding these potential hikes casts a shadow over market sentiment.

In this mixed landscape, Apple shares struggled for two consecutive days, while healthcare stocks, including industry giant Johnson & Johnson, bolstered the Dow's performance. Simultaneously, labor strikes have disrupted various industries and are edging closer to impacting the big three automakers in Michigan.

The bond market witnessed Treasury yields dip, though they remain close to this year's highs, reflecting persistent tightness in U.S. labor markets. The U.S. dollar index continues its impressive rally, headed for its longest winning streak in years, with notable gains posted for the eighth consecutive week.

On the commodities front, oil prices dipped after a nine-day winning streak, with Saudi Arabia's efforts to limit supply playing a key role in this market development. Caution is advised against chasing oil prices as crude oil's upward momentum shows signs of waning.

As the trading week comes to a close, stocks display a mixed performance, raising questions about the Nasdaq's potential fifth consecutive day of losses. Energy stocks, however, look set to finish the week higher, buoyed by Saudi Arabia's extension of oil production cuts until the end of 2023.

Amid these market dynamics, Kroger stock saw a 3.9% rise after the company settled a majority of opioid claims, recording a $1.4 billion charge in its second quarter. Apple, which faced losses due to China's ban on iPhone use by central government officials, rebounded with a 1.2% rise.

In the currency arena, the dollar weakened against major currencies, trimming recent gains in anticipation of a potential ECB rate increase next week, while the Fed is expected to maintain its stance later this month.

In the bond market, Treasury yields extended losses as attention turns to U.S. August inflation data due next Wednesday. These developments occur against the backdrop of economic slowdown concerns in China and Europe.

Looking ahead, the focus remains on the latest CPI and PPI data, as well as retail data, while keeping a close eye on the September 20th FOMC meeting. The upcoming week features notable earnings from Oracle, Adobe, and Lennar, marking the end of earnings season just ahead of the Fed's key meeting.

In this landscape, it is evident that this is indeed a stock picker's market and risk management must take center stage in every investor's strategy. As volatility rises and recession odds diminish, the importance of staying aligned with YellowTunnel becomes even more pronounced. We offer expert analysis, robust risk management tools, and meticulously validated trade ideas, equipping you to navigate this multifaceted market terrain with confidence.


For the upcoming week, we turn our attention to a sector that has piqued our interest—the QQQ, an ETF representing the technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 Index. The Invesco QQQ Trust (symbol: QQQ) is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the performance of the Nasdaq 100 Index. As the name suggests, this index primarily comprises the 100 largest non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market, with a strong emphasis on technology and innovation. Over time, the QQQ has earned a reputation as a barometer of the technology sector's health and a reflection of investor sentiment toward growth stocks.

Why Short QQQ? 

Recent market developments have cast a shadow over the technology sector, and QQQ's performance has not been immune to these challenges. As we've seen, the tech sector has faced headwinds, with growing concerns about the potential for further restrictions on tech companies, coupled with the specter of future interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.

This confluence of factors suggests that shorting the QQQ at this juncture could be a prudent strategy. The potential for a market pullback, coupled with the tech sector's vulnerabilities, creates a favorable environment for shorting this ETF. Investors looking to capitalize on this opportunity may consider the QQQ as a potential candidate for short positions.

While the technology sector has been a driving force in recent years, current market conditions suggest that a cautious approach is warranted. The QQQ, representing the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100, presents an intriguing opportunity for those considering short positions. As always, sound investment decisions are based on a combination of thorough analysis, informed insights, and a well-defined risk management strategy. By applying our A.I. data there is one specific symbol that stands out.

TRADE OF THE WEEK - $PSQ to Fly ($QQQ to drop)

This week, we're putting the spotlight on a trade idea that capitalizes on the potential downward movement of the technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 Index ($QQQ) - ProShares Short QQQ ETF ($PSQ).